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13 responses to “Loophole Enables Amazon Cloud Storage Upgrade to 20 GB for $.69”

  1. Jefe

    Amazon is all messed up today. My old AMEX was reregisted, my shopping cart is empty, and Honda ATV parts were ready for checkout.


  2. Curtis Carmack

    Didn’t work for me. Oh well, I’m only out $0.69 . . .

  3. Christopher Price

    Curtis, we’re still seeing the offer as valid. Have you tried logging into Amazon cloud drive and checking your storage? We haven’t heard any other reports yet of people not getting the drive boost.

  4. Curtis Carmack

    I waited the requisite 3 hours, and when it still didn’t show up in my balance, I went ahead and bought a $5 MP3 album I wanted anyway. At that point it showed up within a few minutes.

  5. nonegiven

    Worked perfectly for me. 20GB upgrade for free.

  6. dec1975

    Worked perfectly for me this morning. $.69 for 20GB for one year, no auto-renewal. I’ve started uploading about 6GB just to test- should be done in an hour or two.

  7. Igor

    worked for me as well. make sure you purchase the $0.69 mp3 ALBUM link instead of the mp3 itself. auto updates to 20gb. Thanks for the info and links. much appreciated

  8. Curtis Carmack

    Igor’s comment is spot on. My mistake was not clicking on the album link, which undoubtedly would have worked (as it did for me when I purchased a $5 album).

  9. A B&Y Employee

    Christopher, I just e mailed the following to Amazon’s Customer Service in the hopes the loophole is sealed. has posted an article where if a customer purchases a particular $0.69 MP3 from Amazon, the customer’s Cloud Storage will be within minutes upgraded from the default 5 GB to 20 GB. I thought I’d bring this to someone’s attention at Amazon so this loophole may be closed. Article:

    The URL link (customer has to click on the Buy MP3 albumn with 1-Click” button for the loophole to work):

  10. Jonson

    Is this really a loophole? Cause I read this in another article.

    Those with established Amazon accounts will find their Cloud Drive already activated and ready to store up to 5GB of files. Customers who buy a digital MP3 album from Amazon will automatically get a free upgrade to 20GB of storage space for the first year.

  11. Jonson

    Nevermind my previous comment. Its in the Amazon FAQ.

    Do I need to make a purchase to use Cloud Drive?
    No, if you have an Amazon account, you have access to 5 GB of free online storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. If you purchase an album from the Amazon MP3 Store, you may be eligible for a free upgrade to 20 GB of Cloud Drive space for one year (this promotion is open to U.S. customers only).

  12. Christopher Price

    Johnson, the loophole is that this is a single-song album.

    It appears that Amazon is aware, and okay, with this loophole. It’s a good promotional tactic without giving away the farm.

  13. Jonson

    Sorry, guess I read to much into it. I assumed since it said “album”, that any album would count regardless of price. Thought everyone was referring to the storage space. Back to my corner now…