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61 responses to “MacBook Air Revision Imminent, Penryn, More Power”

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  2. MacTalk Forums

    MacBook Air update speculation…

    The source was originally some fairly unknown site, Phonenews…….

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    […] MacBook Air has been upgraded, retaining its original design. The new MacBook Air is unchanged from when first announced the system. The processor speeds remain the same, but benefiting from Core 2 “Penryn” processor […]

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  5. jessica

    Yeah this cool I like this post are you going to do a follow up? I just won a Mac Book Air today 🙂 I am so happy about that found a freebee site

  6. Павел Хохолин

    Спасибо! Пригодится…..

  7. Used Macbook

    Shame the Air shuts down a core if it gets too hot. Although there is a fix for this!

  8. Альфред Андреев

    Спасибо. Прочитал с интересом. Блог в избранное занес=)

  9. Василий Шумилов

    Хороший и интересный пост, всегда с удовольствием Вас читаю

  10. alexbiger

    Материал хороший удачный, закину сайт в избранное.

  11. MacBook Air Revision Imminent?

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