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5 responses to “Manual Android 2.1 Update for Motorola Backflip Now Available”

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  2. moto

    it saying file s not available

  3. PO'D Client

    Trying to upgrade to 2.1
    On Motorola backflip
    I downloaded fine, transferred file fine, unmounted and disconnected safely.

    I get the file on my SD, it detects the upgrade, then I choose “copy” to start the upgrade, and I get this error:

    “Info: Failed to copy from SD card”

    I have 178 MB free on system memory, and 1750 mb free on the SD card.

    Has anyone had this issue?

  4. Dan

    PO’D, did you ever get this cleared up? I’m seeing the same problem, going to try a factory reset if I can’t find a solution.

  5. Glog

    I finally got the file to download (after a bazillion failed login attempts and a factory reset) and also got the “Failed to copy from SD card” BS. I am thinking about charging AT&T for all the time I have put in just trying to get an upgrade.