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One response to “Metro PCS Expands $25 Plan To GSM Phones With Sale In Expansion Markets”

  1. Christopher Price

    If you have solid T-Mobile coverage in your area, this is a pretty awesome deal. While it requires you to use two devices, you could also pick up T-Mobile’s $30 5GB data plan at Walmart (also available on too).

    That would net you a total wireless bill of $55/month which includes unlimited voice, text, 5 GB of 4G data, unlimited 2G data, and completely on pay-as-you-go prepaid.

    Considering Straight Talk is $60/month and doesn’t really give you 5 GB of unthrottled data, this is actually a cheaper deal, and you net two phone numbers since the T-Mobile $30 plan includes 100 texts and 100 backup minutes of voice per month too.

    Of course, you can buy Straight Talk in bulk, which may affect the cost valuation, I know many people buy 6 month PINs on ST for around $45-$50 per month. But that requires considerable investment with the fear you’ll get kicked off for using too much data… sans refund.