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4 responses to “Metro PCS Officially Announces Samsung Indulge”

  1. diva

    it suck the everyone say it will have dual camera and it doesn’t come with that camera and i think is a little high price….

  2. KabukiKid

    I just can’t stand Samsung’s hardware keyboards. Unless your thumb lands squarely in the middle of the key, the tap doesn’t register.

  3. James

    I cant believe that Metro PCS gets the Transform with Android 2.2 while us Sprint users still have to bear with 2.1

  4. dale

    WAIT A FRICKIN MINUTE!!! I have the Samsung Transform, through Sprint, and we were promised, and did not get, Froyo 2.2 by Dec 31st as promised on Sprint’s very own advertisements the day the phone came out – BUT – this extremely similar phone gets 2.2 and we’re still waiting? And we have CONTRACTS and they stiff us???


    Thanks a lot Sprint & Samsung. Would be nice to be able to actually USE the new programs in the Android market properly but can’t because 2.1 is glitchy for them, cannot see content on most web pages, cannot use the Front Facing Camera for chat, and the phone lags when you really are rushing to make an emergency or important call and it always seems to not work when you need it the most! VERY disgusting, I blame you most Sprint!