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124 responses to “MetroPCS to Launch BlackBerry Curve 8330 with EVDO Data Access”

  1. Don Louie

    That should get the IDEN Curve on Boost all the sooner then

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  3. Nice But Wrong

    MetroPCS does not have EVDO, nor do they have plans to launch it. They may carry a Blackberry but it will be on 1x.

  4. JJ

    “Nice But Wrong”:

    Incorrect. Try again. Metro offers EvDO in certain regions.

  5. Don Louie

    That’s all the more reason for to bring out the IDEN Curve

  6. Christopher Price

    Well, you can put a Curve 8350i on Boost service, you just can’t access the BlackBerry Messenger Service. And, SMS Messaging doesn’t work well (speaking from experience using the 7250 on Boost in the past).

    Considering that Boost is already cutting profit margins quite thin to do the $50/month Unlimited Plan, I suspect they’ll avoid offering the Curve on Boost for at least the short term. It would require adding to the price-point for just the Curve, and in doing so, make MetroPCS service appear more attractive. Not to mention that MetroPCS has EVDO data, the Curve 8350i is sorely lacking in that department.

    Knowing how Boost picks products, I suspect they are waiting for Motorola’s iDEN messaging handsets to fill that void on Boost, encouraging customers to migrate back to Sprint for the iDEN BlackBerry… Boost has had many chances to pick up BlackBerry in the past, and they’ve continued to ignore the market potential. MetroPCS, on the other hand, had to build out the BlackBerry server support (Boost could have easily tapped Nextel’s existing servers, making the burden much less on their part).

  7. Don Louie

    Makes sense, I see them adding a $15-$25 BIS fee, charging the same or $50 less than MetroPCS and letting it ride

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  9. Mike

    Hey Humberto,

    Where can I get more info about this subject ?

    Can I ask where did you get the information and how reliable is to become a fact ?

    I don’t mean to discredit you I just want to believe this is for real since I have heard this in so many forums in the past.

    Thank you for any input.

  10. Bluegirl

    Metro is also launching a touch screen phone next month in GA it is out in FL already..

  11. sasa

    i live in FL and i havent seen any touch screen phone in metro pcs

  12. Jessica

    I went 2 metro 2day and they say the touchscreen phone is comin out at the end of march its not out yet. And since u kno so damn much what is the brand and model of this phone? bcuz they havent release dat much info 2 us

  13. Christopher Price

    It could very well be the Huawei model we found at CES:

    Or, Samsung may have taken one of their Instinct-alikes and ported it to MetroPCS.

  14. To Jessica

    The touch screen for metro will be a Samsung Finesse (it’s the same as Samsung Delve but AWS capable). A motorola touchscreen is also coming out. A non touchscreen phone that looks nice for MetroPCS will be the Motorola Hint (already offered by Alltel)

  15. To Jessica

    Also I believe there’s a rumor of another Samsung Touchscreen based off the Samsung Omnia… but I’m not 100% certain on that.

  16. To Jessica

    And the release dates for the touchscreens are late March to early April. The Motorola Hint is late February to early March.

  17. Steve-o

    What date exactly is the Blackberry coming out in Georgia anyone know? (Atlanta)

  18. Steven

    Has anyone been to the corporate stores of MetroPCS to see or hear of any business like phones
    viz. Blackberry, Palm, Omnia, HTC touch?


  19. Javier

    When will orlando market get the evdo Data for the black berry service

  20. Gooca

    does anyone know when the blackberry curve for metro pcs will be released? Live in the sf bayarea need to know

  21. QTPI

    I live in San Francisco.

    I have needed a new phone since Aug of 2008. I heard way back then by a service agent at an offical METRO store that they were already testing a PDA (which is what i want to get). Since then, everytime i go in i ask for updates on the status of any kind of advanced phone (effective scheduler, internet/email ECT). I went in last week to an official store to buy a new phone – needless to say, it litterally hanging on a cord. Knowing my wants she suggested that i wait until the end of March to purchase a new phone. She mentioned that a samsung touchscreen will come out (the specific model she did state but i cannot remember). She did however, tell me that it was the same touch screen available through T-Mobile – which i now cannot seem to find on t-mobiles website.

    In conclusion: This is merely a comment. Maybe the chick i was speaking with didn’t really know what she was talking about. But i have been told EVERYTIME i have went in to an official store that the PDA/Touchscreen will be coming out at the end of MARCH. She assured me one week ago that the testing has been completed and has passed and just has a little more red tape to pass through before it gets to us. Whether its a PDA or touchscreen i don’t know. But i have only heard of a SAMSUNG coming out – by the four service representitives i have asked. Never a blackberry or anyother brand.

    THIS IS ALL I KNOW. I have never been on this website, but like you -more than likely- i stumbled upon it trying to find more information. It seems that i may have heard a little more than people in my area. I hope this information helps.

    And also; ASK!! everytime you pay your bill in an official store or call Metro. They have to tell you. I’m not saying that anyone isn’t, cause i’m sure like me, all of you are. Be sure to get yourself updates though.. It seems that metro isn’t too big on introducing new things when all of us want it; They wait and want you to sck.

  22. John

    I asked a customer rep on the phone if metro was coming out with a smartphone, and he replied “yes. A Blackberry will be released in April.” He didn’t elaborate as to the model or anything.

  23. John

    P.S. I live in FarNorCal. By Redding, CA

  24. Javier

    The curve blackberry phone is hitting the market at the end of Feb,March.. it will be only at Best Buy.. Maybe it will roll out to all other stores in April 2009

  25. Ramon

    I would like to know when the metro blackberry are coming to the miami forlaudale area.


  26. Metro Pcs #1 Customer

    No boost is not getting it all sooner.. Metro Pcs is the Way To Go… Tried Boost No good…

    Metro Pcs is Best in NO CONTRACTS & But Beeter Yet BETTER PLANS THAN AT&T AND BOOST !


  27. Mike

    Does any of the forum moderators know more info about the main subject ???

    Is the blackberry still going to be avaliable anytime soon for metro pcs ??

    Thank you.

  28. metro employee

    As a MetroPCS employee, I can confirm that MetroPCS will be offering…in most markets… a Blackberry Phone during the second QTR of ’09. This was announced in yesterday’s (2/26/09) earnings conference call. The Blackberry unlimited data plan will (most likely) be an additional $5~$10/month depending on the service plan you choose.
    In addition, MetroPCS will also begin offering highspeed LTE service by the end of the year. System upgrades are already taking place.

  29. Javier

    Metro employee or Humbero,

    When will the blackberry or the motorola hint be out…..

  30. Val

    Mac needs to offer the iPhone at other companies other than AT&T.

  31. just some girl

    As metro employee stated, the BB is to release at Best Buy stores in the 2nd quarter of 2009 (that’s sometime in April, May or June). Except in the AWS markets.

    Moto Hint is due out March 25th or so.

    Moto Evoke is being released soon by Motorola, but not sure when Metro will pick it up. I know that at least one of the touchscreens is to be released with the Hint …

    But no idea when it will hit metro. There are also the Huawei C7500 touchscreen and the Samsung Finesse (sch-r810) coming.

  32. Chris

    Some of you guys act like damn babies getting all emotional about some dumb phones. Believe me, when the new cool phones are released, you can best believe you will hear about it…Gosh…relax

  33. OmegaWolf747

    I live in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. Will the Blackberry Curve 8330 be available in my area, or only the areas listed in the article?

  34. SiSi

    my sis works for metro (assistant manager) and she said the samsung instinct is coming out on the 3rd week of this month and its gonna be about $300 and some change. she said that he blackberry curve and the instinct is already in her system but it hasnt launched out yet. but she said for people to start going to corporate and check out the phones and see if its there cause your not gonna see it online on right now.

  35. Orlando MetroPCS

    I work for MetroPCS in the Orlando market. The Motorla Hint will be released at the end of March, the Motorola Evoke is the touch-screen Motorola and will be released when New York and Boston open as a MetroPCS home network. The Samsung R810 Finesse is just an upgraded form of the Samsung R800 offered by US Cellular. Touch screen and expandable memory with an mp3 player and video technology. The Blackberry Curve will not be released until at least the 3rd quarter of 2009, if not later. It just went into testing with our Metro Corporate Rep. The BIS plan will be $10 added to the current $50 plan. For those that don’t need a touch screen, MetroPCS is also coming out with the Kyocera Neo. It’s a dumbed down version of the current Kyocera S4000 MAKO. Haven’t heard a woirk about the Huawei touch screen except that I believe it will not be a reliabe phone as all Huawei’s are pieces of crap.

  36. Javier

    Thats correct MetroPCS Orlando

    The Motorola Hint (March 25 Launch)
    Motorola Evoke
    The Black Berry
    Samsung R810
    They are all in the system and ready to go..

  37. CW

    What’s highspeed LTE, EVDO and AWS? Can anyone enlighten me on what these terms pertain to, or their accurate definitions?

  38. CW

    Anyone there to answer my question?

  39. Christopher Price

    AWS – The 1700 MHz of radio spectrum, reserved for Advanced Wireless Services
    EVDO – Evolution-Data Optimized, an upgrade to CDMA networks that gives broadband-like internet access
    LTE – Long Term Evolution, a 4G network platform that MetroPCS will be replacing CDMA with

    Next time, please run a few quick Google searches. All of those acronyms could be found easily with searching online.

  40. OmegaWolf747

    How long will it take for Metro to replace CDMA with LTE? Will we have to get new phones?

  41. Christopher Price

    Eventually, yes you will have to get a new phone. But, that will be years after 2010. MetroPCS will keep the existing CDMA network active for years after they introduce LTE in an area.

    It’s not known how long it will take for MetroPCS to roll out LTE… mostly because nobody has deployed LTE technology yet anywhere in the world. It’s an unproven technology at this point.

  42. OmegaWolf747

    Awesome! Thanks! I’m going to get my Crackberry when it’s released to Best Buy next month. If you get it at Best Buy, you can get the jump on everyone else, who will have to wait till the 3Q.

  43. cw

    Thank’s for the info Chris, BTW, didn’t have time to google, editing video.

  44. Mike

    Any of you guys have a date for the blackberry (metro pcs) release at best buy ?? I understand it will come out first at best buy and then at metro stores.
    This will be a hit for sure.

  45. OmegaWolf747

    Not an exact date. I’ve read anywhere from April up to May. I hope it’s sooner rather than later!

  46. metro guy

    its supposed to hit best buy march 10th and the finesse march 29….third quarter release for the blackberry is retail stores and dealers

  47. OmegaWolf747

    March 10?!!! Dear LORD in Heaven!!! I’ll have to beg someone to give me a ride to Best Buy on Tuesday. I can’t wait a week.

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