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4 responses to “MetroPCS Rolls Out $25 Unlimited Voice-and-Messaging Plan in Fight for Survival”

  1. Bubba

    They poked a hole in their life preserver When they started the tiered data plans. Metro pcs the new at&t.

  2. Michael Cooper

    I would like to add some information to this article as I called metro about this plan. One You can only use 3 phones. Offer only valid with new activation of MetroPCS Samsung Freeform III, Huawei Pinnacle, or Kyocera Presto handsets. If your phone dies you have to buy one of these three to stay with the plan. If 4 years down the road you’re phone dies you are out of gas. Another deal breaker they do not promise to transfer plans between phones. Any change in phone will forfeit this promotional service plan, and service will be charged at then available rates. Customer services stated i can switch to another of these three phones but i would be careful with these plans terms.

  3. InChina

    Sounds like a great deal, no one else seems to offer unlimited talk and text for anywhere near this price (even Boost, Virgin or Walmart) for those who don’t want/use smart phones and data! I change handsets every year, and since this is a no-contract unlimited plan, with phones well under $100, how can you loose! i’ve used all the prepaid and contract companies for over 20 years (yes started my first cell phone contract in 1991!), and as long as Metro PCS stays in business (or doesn’t change much IF they get bought by T-Mobile), I’ll keep my 4 family members on MetroPCS!

  4. Deal?

    Anyone else notice that Metro jacked up the prices of their bottom tier phones? In December 2011, the Pinnacle was only $9.95 ($39.95 with a $30 rebate).