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3 responses to “MetroPCS Announcess ZTE Anthem 4G, CEO Admits VoLTE Isn’t Fully Ready Yet”

  1. John Dow

    I can say this phone won’t sell, not at that price, and with gingerbread on it,when the LG Motion has a dual-core processer, android 4.0 ICS and is only 150.

  2. Arena

    Multi-tasking is at its best you can watch a movie or a video while surfing the net Truly the best smartphone and the king of android phones. Good looking phone, great price. the phone is the best you could get at this price range The multitasking is absolutely marvelous, minimum stuttering (not annoying at all) and it’s quite compatible with a lot of the apps in the play store

  3. Claire

    This phone has this line design that looks pretty cool. Although Gingerbread itself is pretty decent and it’s workable. One thing i like about this phone, is the mobile HotSpot, unlike the Lg Esteem this phone has it. Plus this phone has better battery life as well. The price is pretty good too, im actually thinking of activating my Zte anthem over my Lg motion. Although my Lg is faster, but i still like the Anthem. Over all, good phone.