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6 responses to “MetroPCS Complaints Filed for Net Neutrality Violations Due to New LTE Plans (Updated)”

  1. Matt

    Nobody has filed suit. That would imply some sort of challenge before a judge. We have asked the FCC, which is the federal agency that adopted the rules, to investigate the new MetroPCS service plans.

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  3. Phoneman

    Those new plans suck , and they are obviously not following net neutrality. Unfortunately, the new net neutrality rules Google and Verizon, errr, the FCC recently imposed, allow this.

    There is no such thing as net neutrality for wireless carriers any more, under the new rules set by the FCC.

  4. Phoneman

    Are Google and Verizon really upset by this? They are the ones who made the rules, so I would think they would be fine with this.

    On the positive side, at least it only took two weeks for the supposed net neutrality rules to prove just how terrible they really are.

  5. Christopher Price

    The Google-Verizon pact is not the law of the land. It’s merely an agreement between Verizon and Google that negotiated the possibility of Chrome OS netbooks to have a free data allocation each month.

    Of course Verizon would not want the FCC to have control over their ability to negotiate future, similar pacts. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least Verizon would side with MetroPCS on this one.

  6. Phoneman

    The Google Verizon pact is what the FCC eventually used for the groundwork of their net neutrality rules though. So I can’t imagine either Google or Verizon would be upset by what MetroPCS is doing.

    Hopefully the FCC sees how terrible the fake net nuetrality rules are and they rewrite them ASAP. I doubt it will happen, but it would be nice.