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68 responses to “MetroPCS BlackBerry 8530 Delayed By One Week”

  1. ladydubb

    i am super juiced and excited about the new bb for metro im hearing good reviews cant wait to have my hands on one im so tired of this stupid track ball on the 8330. will you be able to talk on the phone while being on twitter/ facebook and also has the freezing stopped??

  2. timothy watts

    That would be great if u could but u can’t but over all the phone is the best metropcs phone out today no freezing the bb is using the newest os on the phone

  3. ladydubb

    ok well im quite excited about it cant wait im glad they have worked on the speed and everything cant wait to get mines :-)) oh another question does pandora work on this one ??

  4. timothy watts

    That’s a great ? But I don’t think it would because u would have to stream and its like trying to watch a youtube video but when metro update there towers to 3g/4g everything will work but its worth a try I’m going to download it now

  5. ladydubb

    ok cool im still excited its been a long year and although i love my 8330 im ready for something more updated yayyy

  6. timothy watts

    U r going to really love this phone then

  7. mario ferreira

    Timothy is metro updating there towers to 3g/4g for real? Any time frame for that to happen??? I still can watch youtube videos only through Bolt but it kinda sucks…

  8. timothy watts

    Yes there really r the 4g will come out in las vegas 1s on aug 7 2010 then all the other city will have it done at the end of 2010 goggle it and see for your self

  9. kelvin

    how can i watch youtube on my bb 8530?? let me knoww !!

  10. timothy watts
  11. mario ferreira

    Orbit browser has video capabilities too. Not a great option tho… I hope metropcs works faster to provide us service compatible with video stream.

  12. 2L2Q

    Will this phone be available in the sf bay area?(California)

  13. timothy watts

    Ok I had my blackberry 8530 since the day it came out and today I went on youtube and now its working so if anybody can tell me if youtube work on there’s let me know

  14. wantitalready

    I’ve had the phone since the day it came out in my area, too. I have watched youtube videos on it as I did on my last blackberry, so I didn’t find that surprising. Don’t you love the price?!?!?!?

  15. timothy watts

    Yea but I only could watch videos thru wifi but not the network I had both blackberry never could

  16. ladydubb

    i have to say i absolutely love the new BB 8530 total upgrade from the old 8330 i had so many problem with my 8330 the last straw was the track ball got stuck and stop working took the phone to a local store my warranty was up told me to call asurion. i did just talking with the lady asked a simple question of can u send me the upgrade for the 8330 she wasnt sure put me on hold came back to the phone told me yes they can so needless to say i got my 8530 for 85 dollars brand new in the box with a car charger thrown in and i love it!

  17. ladydubb

    does anyone know of any good music stations to download like pandora?

  18. ladydubb

    Do we know if Metro will be coming out with another color of the BB i sure would love a white one?