MetroPCS BlackBerry Curve 8530 Launch and Pricing Details

The first confirmed pricing and launch details regarding the forthcoming AWS version of the BlackBerry Curve 9300/8530 have surfaced for MetroPCS after being approved by the FCC. The device will be launched on July 19th for $299.99 before an additional $50 mail in rebate, bringing the total to $249.99.

The 8530 will succeed the older generation 8330 currently being sold and is in the process of being discontinued as the device only features support for pre-AWS markets.  The device will also be one of the first devices on MetroPCS to include a Wi-Fi radio for high speed data access alongside EVDO access.

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39 responses to “MetroPCS BlackBerry Curve 8530 Launch and Pricing Details”

  1. angie

    is this the 8520 or 8330 why so much no1 is going to buy tht phone

  2. Luis

    this is BB 8530 (new version of curve) for CDMA carrier. Remember Metro PCS do not subsidize their phones.

  3. Oboedad

    The (new release) 8520 “will not” have a flash for the camera and, although it is configured for AWS network, not sure if the previous problems associated with the 8330 have been addressed (e.g. Email messages “sent” via the BB do not copy over to your OUTBOX of your email server). Nor have I been able to determine (yet) whether features, such as MetroNavigator or MetroBackup (which securely backs up your contact list) will be available. These were just a couple of the inherent problems with their first Blackberry offering. Also, the original BB8520 sold for $329 when released, why is the new version selling for $249 (after $50 rebate)? That’s less then their Samsung phones (the Code)!

  4. Luis

    does anyone know if new 8530 will support more features, like metro navigator, metro back up, etc

  5. Alonzo

    I am a manager at metro pcs. we’ve gotten word and a demonstration of the device from a blackberry rep from canada. The Blackberry 8530 will support metro navigator and metro backup. it is also aws and not cdma, so it is compatible with all of the metropcs markets.

  6. Oboedad

    Any word, however, about the email functionality? The previous MetroPCS BB8330 would not, and did not, send copies of any SENT email messages back to the network without you Cc’g yourself on that email. Also, note CDMA? There must be something wrong with that because ALL of MetroPCS’ phones are CDMA even though it is AWS. I’ve been told by local reps that the release, originally set for July 19th, has been backed up because many retailers do not have WiFi in their stores and would, therefore, be unable to properly test and demonstrate that feature on the 8530.

  7. elvis

    I have a BB 8530 verizon flashed for metro, I’m wonder when metro pcs realease the 8530, can I put the software 8530 for metro to my 8530 flashed? So all the apps will work and BBM!!

  8. D.

    Just called MetroPCS and they said that the BB 8530 won’t be coming out right now as their switching their system from 3G to 4G and it could be either this month or next month.

    I believe they know they’re just be quiet about it. Which sucks, cause I need a phone!!!!

  9. dummydee

    Umm to the guy above me. It’s coming out monday and the rest of the questions metro nav will work. And it’s not a 4g aka lte phone. So it will not work on the 4g lte network when it comes out this year. So waiting for 4g to come out to sell the phone is absurd. It will be here monday.

  10. D.

    Cool…….I believe MetroPCS reps are just feeding ppl that are calling in about it a bunch of BS. Thanks for the reply dummydee.

  11. Oboedad

    Hi guys. None of the MetroPCS phones currently available, or soon to become available, are 4G capable however, they will still work on that network at 3G speeds. Only the upcoming Samsung LTE will work at the increased rate (agreement in place between Samsung and MetroPCS). They are, actually, going to beat out AT&T and Verizon in the 4G race. I, too, have heard that the new BB8530 is due to release now on Monday, July 19th, WiFi capable (which will greatly boost internet speeds whenever in a WiFi environment). Regarding the 4g conversion: Las Vegas is supposedly the first switchover, followed by Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, then South Florida by the end of this year. The new BB8530 (which, from what I am being told, is being called the BB9300 for purposes of MetroPCS exclusivity) does not have a FLASH for the 2 mega-pixel camera but, if they’ve remedied the other shortfalls of the earlier 8330, is really not a problem. Examples? Inability to download music (even via the MetroPCS download page); failure to send email messages back to your email server (SENT mail); No MetroNavigator; No MetroBackup; Auto LOCK everytime a call came in (requiring you to constantly enter your security password). I may purchase one as soon as it comes out (just to play with it), or wait until I read some of the reviews on this site.

  12. lilbunny

    hey people well i just wanted to know when is the new blackberry 8530 comming out what date will it be out

  13. Oboedad

    Have been told that the “Official” Release date for the BB8530 on MetroPCS will be as of tomorrow, July 19th. Stock, in the stores however, might not arrive until a day, or two, later.

  14. metrofriend

    have been hearing different info on the release date and price. Originally said for Monday, July 19th about two weeks ago from an authorized dealer. And seeing online it says July 19th in forums. Speaking with another authorized dealer yesterday he said about a week or two. And a rep at an actual Corporate Store said end of this month or nxt month now. :-/ And pricing online is saying $299 + mail in rebate. Or $279+mail in rebate. Store rep again said $300 something. ANy known updates from anyone? :-/

  15. Oboedad

    Have actually seen a promotional “flyer” in one of the corporate sites pricing at $299.00 plus $50.00 mail-in rebate bringing total down to $249.00. They were the ones advising me of the official 07-19 release date, but possible delay of a few days to receive “in store”. Unlike the BB8330, BestBuy locations WILL NOT receive the shipments first (which gave them an unfair advantage last go around).

  16. metrofriend

    Wen u say corporate “sites”. Is that a physical location or a website? Just got off the phone with METROPCS and of course she knew nothing about the release date. :-/ or pricing for that matter. It’s all about the store. Guess i have to find out tomorrow.

  17. Oboedad

    Hi there. When looking up store sites on the website (under the locations tab), if you’re anywhere near a major municipality, there’s usually a CORPORATE store that pops up first. All of the other MetroPCS store locations are, generally, privately owned “franchise” locations. Years back MetroPCS owned all of their stores (hence, that’s when they had been closed on Sundays system-wide). Then, in order to free up capital to enable them to invest in better network technologies, they sold the most of those stores to individual owners, plus opened the flood gates for others to “buy in” to a franchise. The CORPORATE stores, however, are still owned and operated by MetroPCS and, usually, have advance knowledge of what’s happening within the organization. The 800 # call center is actually an agency (“outsourcing”) with employees answering on behalf of Metro PCS. They have scripts that they read, and actual VERY LIMITED information to pass along (usually AFTER the fact). Don’t take me wrong, they do serve a purpose and, for the most part, are able to discuss and handle the majority of (non-technical) inquiries; the same that we can find online ourselves. Hope that this answers your query. I’m in South Florida, by the way.

  18. fortlauderdale,k

    wait is metro pcs coming out with the blackberry curve 8530 or 8900?

  19. chris

    I really hope that it comes out today(the 19th) because it’s my birthday and I already have the money ready to buy it 🙁

  20. Layla

    I have a BB 8530 verizon flashed for metro, I’m wonder when metro pcs realease the 8530, can I put the software 8530 for metro to my 8530 flashed? So all the apps will work and BBM!!i neeed an answer asap!!!!!

  21. chris

    layla the BB 8530 flashed to metro, facebook and BBM won’t work.
    pretty much all the apps released by RIM(Research in motion) won’t work on your blackberry.

  22. jay

    Any word if the BB came out today??

  23. keviN

    I just came from the metro store they said their in the fed ex truck and that its going to be around 279$

  24. Oboedad

    I was just advised that the actual product is in the MetroPCS “BrightPoint” ordering system for them to order, however no inventory has yet been allocated per store. That is supposedly going to be cleared up by this coming Wednesday, with the products arriving, For Sale, by Thursday or Friday.

  25. Oboedad

    The price is $299.00 with a “mail in” coupon good for a $50.00 rebate. Those coupons are already in the stores ready for distribution.

  26. Layla

    when is it set to come out?

  27. chris

    I’m from South Florida, Coral Gables(Miracle Mile) told me that it’s going to be 279$ with a 50$ Mail in Rebate.
    It’ll be available to purchase this Thursday or Friday, as Oboedad stated as well.

  28. Layla

    what if ur in Dearborn MI

  29. Oboedad

    Hi Layla, that shouldn’t make a difference whatsoever. From what I’ve been hearing, and by checking with MetroPCS locations around the country, the release is due to happen nationwide. Do you have MetroPCS locations in Dearborn? If so, then, you should be able to check with a local store in your area for availability. Hope that helps you out =)

  30. cocoa

    hi im a manager at a metropcs. and yes the blackberry is in route to be delivered from Brightpoint at the price of 299 plus the $50 mail in rebate. thanks central florida

  31. KingVic2005

    Well, apparently the BB 8530 will be out sometime during this week, it should be in before Saturday according to MetroPCS store reps, they are not saying what day exactly tho, but if anyone is looking to leave MetroPCS and switch to a different carrier, Virgin Mobile is now featuring the exact same BB 8530 for $299.99, and they seem to have some great new plans , and since Sprint recently purchased Virgin Mobile their coverage is better than ever (please visit for more details), so Virgin Mobile is always a second option for those who are tired of waiting for MetroPCS to release the phone…

  32. fortlauderdale,k

    i actually went to the metro store today and they said they will start selling them the second they recieve them

  33. Mike

    Hello everyone wanted to give an official update on the BB 8530 I happened to walk in to the metropcs store Friday July 23rd and I noticed the new BB and they told me it was just release the same day I can to the store.
    So I saw that it was the first Wi-Fi capable phone for metropcs and I tried it out and decided to buy it. The phone was 289.00 but came with a 50.00 rebate which you send in the mail and you receive a 50.00 prepaid Debit card.

    Now Ive been playing with this phone and guys let me tell you ive tried all the other phones and they were crappy, I tried the Samsung Finesse it was ok, then the Samsung Caliber which is fairy good except for the download speed for the youtube videos etc.

    However the BB 8530 is just amazing guys fast download speed on both Wi-Fi and without it, Can save any ringtone off the internet browzer, it has a whole load of Blackberry Apps which just are out standing,it does have Metro navigator which rocks, also metro backup,facebook,myspace,twitter, 10 email accounts you can have up too, it has yahoo messenger,aol messenger,googletalk,blackburry messenger and more just have to download the apps and they work. I got to say the apps are similar to the Apple Iphone and it does have a good battery power and even better when you download a app for it as well.

    Go get yourself a BB from Metropcs I have no complaints, unually I do have one when i had the metro phones because i need something for my business work. So this phone is by far the best metro phone currently available Highly recommend it.

  34. Oboedad

    Hi everyone. I, also, went to Metro PCS store in Pompano (corporate location) last Friday, July 23rd (braving Tropical Storm Bonnie Warnings), to replace my (failed) Samsung Finesse and invested in their new BlackBerry offering. It’s truly FANTASTIC! Full BlackBerry functionality, even with the ADDITIONAL $10.00 PER MONTH FEE (above the previous Finesse $50.00 unlimited amount) which is now $60 per month. But, unlike the previous 8330 model, this unit DOES have MetroGuard and MetroNavigator plus the email sending and receiving problems have been resolved. This means that when you SEND or REPLY to a message a copy is sent to you email’s server as a SENT item (which had not been the case with the 8330). Furthermore the earlier 8330 would always go into LOCK mode requiring the user to keep entering their password whenever attempting to make a phone call. I am pulling, generally, 3-5 bars for signal strength and processing, and the battery holds its charge quite well, even if we utilize the Wi-Fi feature (which pulls signals from any nearby wireless routers which then, in turn, maximize and increase your web surfing speed. It cost me $279.00 (at their corporate Pompano store), plus I was provided a $50 rebate form for a pre-paid MetroPCS Visa. So, bottom line? $229.00 (less then a Samsung Code or Caliper for my defunct Finesse). They say that, once you’re with a BLACK (berry) you NEVER GO BACK. So far I tend to agree.

  35. Bobbie

    I want to know if i would be-able to use the metro BB curve 8530 on a GSM network for when i have to go out of the Country. Or should i buy this phone from the partners to be-able to use this feature.

  36. Christopher Price

    Bobbie, the Curve 8530 is a CDMA phone. It does not work on GSM networks.

  37. Jorge

    I bought my curve one month ago, the MetroPCS rep that activate my phone said that when Metro turns on their 4G the BB will get 3G service….

    Does anyone have a 8530 where there is already 4G that can confirm or deny this?

  38. Jeff

    Jorge, I’ve had my BB8530 since its release back in July 2010 and, to answer your question, “No”, the 4G roll out will have absolutely no effect, whatsoever, on the Blackberry. According to R.I.M. (Research in Motion), the manufacturers of Blackberry, there are no 4G Blackberry models out, and none are currently on the drawing board. Also, MetroPCS other networks are 1X (not 3G), so the 4G service will only be realized on their Samsung LTE phone which has been designed specifically for that network. The roll out will not have ANY impact, nor improve, other model phones at all. I am in South Florida and absolutely LOVE the BB8530, especially when in a WiFi hot spot which, by the way, does increase the upload and download speeds significantly but, also, realize that everything on a BlackBerry IS filtered, and reprocessed, through the R.I.M. network before it goes from, or is received by, the instrument itself, hence the email PUSH feature which is unique to the Blackberry line.