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23 responses to “MetroPCS Cancels Motorola Evoke QA4 Launch”

  1. joseph akharoh

    YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. KL

    This phone had waaay to many bugs.

  3. Mr. KL

    This phone had waaay TOO many bugs. Sorry about the typo folks.

  4. bottomline

    So does this mean metropcs isn’t going to launch it(evoke) at all ? Or does this mean metropcs is delaying the launch ?

  5. Whatever

    MetroPCS’s 1x network is not cut out for a heavy data centric phone like evoke. They can go ahead and kid themselves about being in the big time; but as long as they stay on 1x these higher tier devices will not be a good match. I’ve played with a MetroPCS Finesse and just to launch a web site took 30 seconds to come up.

  6. bottomline

    What a shame, it was the only phone I was looking forward to getting. I probably would’ve switched to metropcs. Oh well……….

  7. To Whatever

    There’s EVDO in many of the newer markets (AWS), and also they’re launching LTE which will probably be the fastest network at launch.

  8. Whatever

    There is only EvDO in Dallas and a little of Detroit.

    And yeah; if you think MetroPCS is going to have LTE capable handsets before Verizon you’re dreaming. And Verizon has already said LTE handsets in 2011. So should be a fun wait.

  9. joseph

    I don’t even care about the bugs, PLEASE give us the evoke!!!!! lol damn i wanted that phone….now i don’t know what to upgrade to…i have a rokr z6m

  10. Jay

    Metro wtf! just as they seem to be getting it together they take two steps back i was going to buy this phone! Unless they come out with a nice keyboard touch phone soon or a nice qwerty phone i will go back to VZ because the latest qwerty phone is ugly and that samsung one is huge and crappy.

  11. wowyo

    FTW metroooo i was going to get the evokeee
    now it goes to show metro PCS really does stand for PeiCe of *****

  12. Whatever

    I hear Metro is getting the Motorola HINT; that should knock out that piece of crap Samsung Messenger.

  13. melissa

    i have the moto hint and its nice just some bugs.. also. doesnt have many personalization seeting.. u cant change where tyhe icons are on the screen.. i might change it for another one.. maybe it is a factory mistake..

  14. blah

    it has not been canceled..
    i spokedd to a person at metro and it says it still on the new phones list..
    guess dis was just a rumor.. =]

  15. lee

    I have samsung messager, its not that big and it works great havent had any problems at all. and full qwerty keyboard is great for anyone that doesnt have tiny hands. I have cricket though and will be getting this touch phone. =) Gl everyone.

  16. Joseph

    I have Cricket and am way excited about this phone. The test model I’ve been working with is wonderful and has impressed me. As long as Cricket keeps improving its service, it will have some very happy customers. And let me be honest – I hate texting full QWERTY. Small buttons, two hands required… pain in the butt. Give me a basic 12 button keypad and T9 for the most effecient way of SMSing. Smart move Motorola.

  17. kiddoo

    what!!! omggg this phone better come out!!!!
    ughh. && bitches the samsung messanger is BETTER then the motorola hint.
    the motorola hint freezes upp a lot trust me. i had the samsung messanger
    then i bought the motorola hint and its fucken sloww!!! && i switched back
    to samsung messanger. iLOVE THE SAMSUNG MESSANGER.

  18. Charity

    well i am not even with metro they dont have that here but there is something simalar . its called cricket. and we have the evoke.. my feonce bought it yesterday..and its terrible…its nice to look at but all of the things that its supposed to do. it dose not at all and there is no way to figure that out.. so goodluck..(stick to the iphone)

  19. Moo Moo

    You Have Too Be Kidding Me! Im So Sad! I really wanted this phone! ;-(

  20. Sherryluv

    I bought this phone from Cricket and boy did MetroPCS do it’s customers a favor. This phone is no worth it at all. Take a look at user reviews all over the web. 90% of people who bought it, now regret it. Big Time!


    aww man i was looking forward to getting this phone PLEASE ACCEPT THE PHONE TO METRO!!!!!!!!

  22. Kiesha

    yea i got the evoke with cricket and go 2 myxer 2 download ringtones on the browser which is very slow. and the phone is touch screen but small keyboard so have 2 b careful cuz will type wrong letters so have 2 do it slow r get use 2 it..and cant get pics or send pics. have 2 have google account and go through something called picasa it is such a hassle but what do i expect for 50 a but i had boost b4 and the phone wasnt all touch screen but got the job done and had pics sent and recieved and free ringtones i could download and service was good(reception) so idk…i feel lyk i have been scammmed…..