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7 responses to “MetroPCS Launches Samsung Caliber”

  1. Roklan

    Somebody sign me up. Smartphones at reasonable phone bill prices is
    the evolution in cell phones. AT&T may have the iPhone which is awesomeness
    in cellphone history but….After using Metro pcs for 2 years, I will
    NNEEEVVVVEEERRRRR ever count minutes, pay down security deposits,
    pay outrages taxes and silly nickel/dime fees, pay to connect, pay to
    disconnect, pay for a data plan (what a rip off) Have my credit ran,
    only call other people on my network, not call as much during the day
    wait for nights and weekends to have long coversations, or any of the
    other crap other cellphone companies have done to me FOR FAR TOO LONG!

    so, until Metro brings out the Iphone, somebody sign me up for a caliber
    I’ll definitely take widgets over apps if its going to cost $50 less

  2. greg

    its not out in dallas stores yet……y not

  3. Jones

    I’m in FL, I bought mine on the 26th. I haven’t had a lot of time to mess around with it yet, but everything I have done with it seems to work thus far without any glitches. I basically got this phone so I can check and respond to emails while I’m at work, I have an online business and I get emails constantly all day long, but I’m unable to respond to the customer(s) until I get home…I wind up wasting valuable time responding to emails when I could be getting other work done…In a nutshell, this phone will increase productivity while providing our customers better service/satisifaction. The added bonuses of this phone are the camera and video features along with the navigation…Instead of have to take along a separate camera, video camera, and GPS unit while on vacation, I just need to take my phone…Its like having everything you need in one small package…I have a netbook (which is also small), so with this phone and my netbook, I’ll have everything I need while on vacation, I’ll be able to respond to emails via the netbook or phone, surf the web and a slew of other things…

  4. geramy

    the caliber suck i have web issues its so slow and i just bought it and it is already freezing

  5. Rick

    Yeh I think its ridicules for AT&A to do their credit check that is outrageous!! its kinda sad that I can go out and buy a brand new car before I can get a cell phone!?!?! what kinda BS is that? same for verizon, and sprint! eat a dick I hope metro brings them down! and for all the Iphone dicks… yeh we can’t do stupid shit like like turn our phone into a gun and play shoot things, magic 8 ball etc… but at least were not spending 130$$ hard earned dollars a month to do so.

  6. shanice

    i continue to go on the metropcs website to try to buy the phone so i can take advantage of the mail in rebates and other featured discounts but it contiunes to tell me that it is only availiable in stores

  7. lexii

    ummm actually, this is a smartphone.
    in order to BUY the phone you have to have the SMART package for it (:
    soooo it deffinitly is a smart phone.