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8 responses to “MetroPCS Launches Samsung Finesse”

  1. Stephen cassel

    Phone is very nice especially for a wireless company as new as Metro P.C but I do think were in a recession I think it could b more affordable…..

  2. Peyton

    How is the quality of this phone?

  3. shane

    needs to get cheaper aroun 250 would be nice

  4. Like i would tell you that!

    When will it come out??

  5. pete

    I can’t download videos.Or download ringtones straight to my music player.Unless done via bluetooth.Is there a fix for this?

  6. rick

    i have a samsung finesse and i would like to know when i am going to be able to watch youtube videos or streaming videos

  7. peter

    i would also like to know the answer to the last two comments if it’s not too much of a hassle…

  8. Betty

    If u really want a good phne with metro dnt get a samsung…. samsung phnes will alwayz give u problems with gettn ringtones or gettn songs for your mp3…. everythin with that phne iz via bluetooth