104 responses to “MetroPCS Launches the Samsung Messenger”

  1. simple3

    also launched today 8/12 on cricket

  2. simple3

    in navy blue and green btw…

  3. danielle

    i getting thiss todayy! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. terrence

    is there a radio?what games?

  5. ama

    I love this phone. It has a great screen! The music is clear and gets loud!

  6. iam sold getting mines tommorow

    iam been doing my homework and i think iam getting mines tomorow

  7. Jessica

    I have been downloading mp3’s into my music player…after a few ( i added 20 more) my phone will freeze on me. If i take the card out it’s okay put it back in and the phone won’t do a thing …. I know someone else this has happened to can anyone help?????

  8. MIzzNaNa

    hi, im dying to get this phone but im still doing my research on it. i heard that you can send ringtones via bluetooth and set as ringtones? is this true? also, i heard that you can use downloaded tones from your computer to phone and set as ringtones? is this true?? well overall how great is this phone? and is it worth buying?
    its the perfect phone for me, but i need a samsung to be able to transfer files…lol… plz answer.

  9. reb re

    well this phone sound awsome but there one thing i need to know does it have a camera that records videos

  10. reb re

    i need answers please i need to know before i purchase this phone thanks holla

  11. LADii_HOUSTONE713

    hey.. i need to kno… does this phone work good? cause i might get it and i dont wana waste my money thinking its a good phone like i did with the Kyocera from cricket…. ANY ONE WHO HAS MY ANSWER… PLEASE REPLY TO ME
    at Shawty_newnew713@yahoo.com

  12. breanna

    haaay, kso i downloaded freee ringtones from myxer and when it ends to my phone i have to go to extract the url and go to it and when i go to it, it doesnt go to the website i want it to.
    i neeed help 🙂 !

  13. Keith smith

    MAn this fone is the ****

  14. beatriz

    u bought this phone yesterday.. i like it so far …. umm but how do i put music in it like from my computer to the phone???? some one please help!!!! and when im typing on the big keyboard how can i put the ? fast??? like beacasue for me to be able to put a question mark i have to press symobols and all of that …. well some one plzz email me and help me !!Lol thanx and yes pepl u should get this phone its not a waste of money

  15. Kayla

    does anyone know how to download musoc on it i have the card but i dont know what to do?

  16. kristi

    hi im als plannin on gettin dis phone but i needa know if u can send music and ringtones through via bluetooth.

  17. :)

    i want this phoneee! is it good? if you have it? email me, i have some questionssss.


  18. Drew M

    Well i just got this phone today and it is really good,
    the camara is really great, everything loads fast, only probelm i have
    is that the keyboard buttons are a little stiff, and i cant seem
    to figure out if it has video recording on it or not?

    And to the guy above asking how to do the question mark fast, just
    pres “fn” next to the space bar and then press the “L” key and then press
    “fn” again…. Not super fast but its faster than what you were doing…

  19. Meghan W.

    I used to REALLY want this phone! But then ppl started talking about how much it sucks They say that it can’t send texts rite, the screen frezzes up, an it ugly! Wil sumone puh-leezze help me out here? I don’t know if I should stll get it or not…

  20. Sh'Paris

    OMG!!!! im gettin dis fone on friday i am so in LOVE wit it i look at pics. of it all day everyday bt i gotta wait til friday dec.19.08 itz part of ma christmas i am soooooo geeked bout gettin it yay!

  21. Sh'Paris

    meghan w. i think u shud get it bcuz i saw da fone in person and itz not ugly at all in getin da red 1 on friday.bt mayb u shud check it out b4 u decide bt personally i love it and after u check it out u can decide 4 yourself if u cant go 2 a metro store u can look up pictures of it on google and it looks the exact same

  22. Renny

    well, i got this phone on the 16th since it was a birthday present from my dad and i have a problem… i need a memory card lol. do you know where i could get a memory card? btw, i loooove this phone! if something bad happens to it i would go crazy! and its the red one that i got lol =D

  23. !@@#$%^&*:]

    i have the phone ;]

  24. $$smilee$$

    this fone is expensive, but idk if its worth it! It lukz rly nice nd all, but im still debating on if to get it or not! If anyone has it, plz plz EMAIL ME ASAP with info on this phone!

  25. Kadedra

    Well the phone is great. I’ve had this phone for a month now! The pictures come’s out really great. And no it doesn’t have video rec. But You can download music, video’s, picture’s and etc. You can buy the memory card at walmart, target, somewhere like that. So far this phone is the bomb!!

  26. dominic

    i have had this phone since september and its the best phone i could have ever bought. ive dropped it a million times and it still works fine and there is hardly any marks on it. all features work great…but i still havent bought a mem card yet. also…it should take a 4gb mem card instead of the noted 2gb max. ive tried it and it works…so play around a bit. have fun with it guys/gals…its made my text life a million times better. peace.

  27. Connie

    I just got this phone, and I went out of town to Florida.
    It was working fine, but now whenever I try to send texts, it says “Sending failed. Retry.” or something like that.
    And I can only call certain people on my contacts list…
    Anyone know what’s going on?

  28. BRAN

    will someone please tell me how to put music on this phone????????

  29. dominic

    BRIAN: for music….u need a memory card…micro sd style.

    CONNIE: happened to me out of town too. try going to phone settings…then system select…then change to automatic…it picks up carriers around ur area. change back to metropcs when u r at home. u still may not be able to use internet or picture mail but u should be able to text and call just fine.

  30. Rachel :)

    i got this phone 1/24. i L-O-V-E it!!! the only thing is i dont know how to get to the IM

  31. chris

    i got this phone a while ago and i still cant get the music to load onto the phone

  32. ladyyBlasian

    i qot this phone on christmas and it’s amazinq ! for the IM, you have to qo to @metro and there should be a link for IM, email, and Loopt . everythinq is free because it comes with the phone. IM is amazinq, but you can only use AIM or Windows Messenqer. and the email is only for Gmail and AOL. Metro411 comes in handy as well. but i’m still tryinq to fiqure out how to put music on the music player. any help ?

    [by the way, i already have the microSD card]

  33. askmdhjjh

    can you set ringtones as your
    text thinger when you get a text?

  34. Tryston

    I don’t know if I should buy this phone. Is it really that good to spend that much money on it? Does putting music on the phone have to be on the Internet. Does music come with it???

  35. co_co puffs

    DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!! Its not worth $200. I had this phone for a couple of months and its bull****…. I dont know why i bought another samsung phone.. i first had a samsung a840, it malfunctioned on me. It kept turning off and on by itself. I had a one year warranty on it, metro replaced the phone for the same exact one and a month after the warranty ended, the replacement phone malfunctioned too and wouldn’t even turn on!! They then refused to replace it so i bought me the messenger and GUESS WHAT?? Piece of **** is malfunctioning too. Like what someone stated below, the phone WONT take the memory card. I didnt have trouble with it until i took the card out one day to download more songs and when i put it back in the phone shuts off. Now i cant even put the memory card in at all!!! Like my other samsung phone before, it also turns off and on by itself. I think samsung phones are crap, they will eventually malfunction, i recommend NOT to buy this phone or any samsung phones at all!!! Im planning to sell this phone and buy me a non-samsung phone soon…

  36. Karissa



    This phone is crap. I recently had it. Then got at&t. I bought the samsung propel. Buy it… IT’S AMAZING.

  38. "(! Gu3ss)"~

    i dont know whether i should get this phone or not my piece of crap motorolla phone the brand new one that slides up and it cost about 300$ is not working i suggest every one stays away from that phone but any ways im about to get a new and im thinking about getting the new red samsung messenger but i dnt know some people say it sucks but i dnt know what to do some body please give me some information on this phone before i buy it nd is it still 200$ or alil lower now plz HELP ME! if you have answers for me hit me up on my yahoo.

  39. "(! Gu3ss)"~

    oh yeah my yahoo is illestchick01@yahoo.com

  40. Shocka

    Well I purchased the phone on Feb 13, 2009 it is Feb 25, 2009 and the battery has burned out for no reason. I paid 215.00 my rec. says 50.00 I don’t think anyone should waste that much money on a phone from Metro simply because they sell phones with issues! Metro is not a good source for phones and you should not spend that much money on purchasing a phone from them!

  41. Reid My Lips

    wow i just like love this phone the only bad thing is that i had to pay for it (my dad wouldnt0

  42. Shawn

    Hey we all must keep in mind that these Phones are man made an can be faulty. I’ll say this Phone’s kept me busy. this is far the best phone they sell dont get mad at them they dont make the thing, get a Kyocera and you’ll no what hell’s like they let you down load from funformobil.com and you think your on, then guess what; the phone simply crap! For ya’ll go spend the lil money for your card and adapter use itune’s drag and drop my phone has just been great my crazy Girl friend went out an got the phone an hey i wont lie i just had to run out and get it. I’ll say if you dont like Metro then their’s other phone company’s that would love to have you and over charge you and jack you up.

  43. Shawn

    Oh also as i’ve stated dont hate Metro Samsung has built there Phone’s with a Phone
    Blocker for us that understand the PC World. Hey dont gett me wrong I truly hate Metro for their Customer Service suck’s but Hell what do you expect for $35 $40 $45 $50 a month when you’er getting Unlimited calls, this is based on the plan you chose.

  44. Ballou

    lovin’ my samsung messenger.. gr8 tunes.. awesome text.. camera is nice too. Only issue.. I can’t keep my 2 teenagers off it long enuff to enjoy it! My girls download the music to the card just like they download to their mp3 players. USB card reader or your USB cable is all you need.

  45. Alex

    HEllo I just got my phone in the mail, I was a previous Blackberry user and this phone looks like it will kick ass. I had an old samsung slider and loved it.

    Can someone tell me if I can transfer my ringtones, music and contacts from my old mini SD Card? I inserted and it reads there is stuff on there but no pics or music. Please help, I don’t want to retype all my contacts.


  46. jASMINE


  47. IDKmyBFFjill

    In order to get your music/ringtones/images working you have to allocate them to the right folder. If you can, open up the memory card from a computer and transfer all the files into the corresponding folders. The folders should be called My_ringtones, My_music, My_images. If they aren’t on there either load up the card on the Messeger and then open up the card on the computer again or make the folders yourself, making sure they are called exactly: my_images, my_ringtones, my_music (Include the underscore)

    This has happened to me before and it has nothing to do with the phone itself but rather then the songs. Chances are you downloaded a song that’s making the phone freeze and turn off, and the only way to fix I think is to remove the song itself. I recall downloading a song before and by the time I loaded it up on the phone, the phone shut itself off and froze. I took out the memory card to see what was wrong and the second I did take it out it started working again. So I decided to wipe my card clean and see if it worked and it did. I figured the phone itself was just acting buggy so I decided to load all the songs back on the card and the same thing happened. Eventually I decided that it was a song that was causing this. I removed the song I had previously downloaded and it was finally working again.

  48. 3smi

    this phone is good and its easy to get music just go to myxer.com the ringtones r freeeee

  49. edgar

    yea i got dis fone yesterday it is perfect good perfect pics i dont wanna return it but ders a pob i send texts but 1 time it took 5 min and said an error i tink plz help

  50. Missa

    My husband bought the phone for me back in November and it worked perfectly till last weekend and now it won’t even turn on . When I plug up the charger it doesn’t charge. It’s a piece of *#!^. I am so piss#$ about this. Metro will not stand behind the warrenty and Samsung wants me to ship it to them then wait 4 to 7 days for a diagnosis then they will let me know if it is covered under the warrenty or not. DON’T BUY THIS PHONE. It’s not worth the hassle.

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