104 responses to “MetroPCS Launches the Samsung Messenger”

  1. KST

    Don’t even bother with this phone. It’s not worth the $200 you put down on it. It turns itself off and on, the pictures are horrible quality, the music quality sucks, the ringtones fade in and out at random, and now out of nowhere it won’t turn on. Metro won’t do a damn thing about it, the factory told me it’s not covered at all under the warrenty because they “can’t locate the issue”. So all in all I get a “Hey, sucks to be you, buy a new phone” although it has been a whole 4 MONTHS since it was purchased.

  2. joanelis

    i love diz fone iz just the best

  3. joanelis

    i love diz phone iz just deh best

  4. joanelis

    hey ppl my bestie has dat phone

  5. wes

    well now i’m worried. my phone just started to get a continuous loading screen after not turning on for hours. i didnt get insurance and i don’t know if they’re gonna give ME crap about replacing it.

  6. LiNiK

    wat happens whn it dnt turn on then wat do u do.??? is it the battery or the one.??
    n when it duz turn on n when u plug it into the charger n it just shuts off then wat duz that indicate.??

  7. George

    I had this phone for two months and all of a sudden the darn thing will not turn on anymore. This is my second r450. I now hate this phone because this is not right. If I can’t get this repaired free I will drop Metro all together and get boost mobile. It went dead in my hand for no apparent reason.

  8. rachael

    how much doesit cost i really want one

  9. james

    it’s not worth the money

    first off, the phone actually does not play MP3’s. i had a problem when i tried to transfer some of my mp3’s to the 2gb memory card, only to find out that most of my songs would not play. i kept getting a “not supported” screen when i would try to pay certain ones from the list going from top to bottom.

    after contacting support, comes to find out by the support team at samsung that the phone will only play mp3’s that are less than 5mb. that means that if you have a song that is greater than 5 minutes (as 1 minute of music eaquals to about 1 mb), then your song will not play. not matter what it is. if i knew this, as all my mp3 are usually bigger than 5mb because i prefer all my mp3’s to be high quality, i would have NEVER purchased this song. and to make things worse, it has no disclaimer on the box to say that specific mp3 will not play, only to say “plays mp3’s). so i’m going to call back tomorrow and seek a refund. if i don’t get a refund, i’m filing a lawsuit against samsung in the coming days. lets see what happens.

  10. Ryan

    I was just curious , does this phone have internet capability?

  11. james

    Re: I was just curious , does this phone have internet capability?

    Answer: Well let me just say this…..if you put the ability of using the internet from your home at 100%, trying to use the internet on this thing is like only being able to use the internet at 10%.

    It’s horrible for the internet. drop down terrible. as much as i love the internet, because i run a number of internet businesses, their is no way on earth that i could depend on this thing to even check gmail. it is horrible, the service sucks, and to be honest with you, I WOULD PASS ON USING THIS PHONE OR PURCHASING THE “SAMSUNG MESSENGER”.

    Theirs much better out there, hate to say it, but its true. Just maybe not from METROPCS.

  12. diamond

    so does it have the internet because if it doesn’t i probably won’t get it.

  13. diamond

    And alot of people keep saying that it freezes up alot is that true?And my last phone was a piece of s*** so im tryiin to do my homework on this one is it anything i need to know about?

  14. james

    dont buy it….its a piece of crap. looks are deceiving. and the internet really is not affective and you cannot surf the way fractional to anything. what a waste of money.

  15. zintboy

    Can the samsung messenger r450 run java applications or can you download
    java applications to the phone?

  16. Ray Frank


  17. isaac Dinger

    I have this phone got it for k mas i HATE!!!!! it do not buy it!

  18. adie

    this phone sucks. I bought it in january, it has already conked out on me. I tried to go onto the samsung website to sumbit a claim and guess what? The website continuously stops working and shuts down. pay atttention to the threads, everyone was excited int he beginning,when it first came out, then half way through people are complaining that it is not working properly. besides the fact that it is not dead, the internet sucks and it is not the best or text messaging. you cannot send a message more that 2 or 3 sentences long,you cannot forward picture mails with animation, and it doesnt hold many messages

  19. sasha

    i want this phone soooooo baddddddd i wanted every sents january

  20. **kay_kay**

    ii actually love my samsung messenger ihtsz pretty cool ive had iht ever since january and ihts working perfectly fine… So far. Buht thee onlii thing is ii cant download games ii dont know why. Do ii need a memory card or does this phone just doesnt take games? Some one plsz help me out here!! Thanx.

  21. jordanskates

    Is this phone capable of accessing internet?

    You know, like myspace and stuff?

    Someone please let me know!!!!!

  22. james



    Is this phone capable of accessing internet?

    You know, like myspace and stuff?

    Someone please let me know!!!!!


    not really…it sucks for anything related to the internet.

    if you get this phone for anything internet…your wasting your money.

  23. tiara

    I got this phone in the beginning of the summer and it’s an OKAY phone.
    It’s not great.
    the camera has a pretty good quality, you can send and recieve photos/ring tones
    over bluetooth.
    for all of you asking about the video recording; it doesn’t have it. and it sucks !
    after a week or so the keyboards ‘space’ button will not work every time you press it,
    so instead of typing “hey what’s up? you’ll end up typing “hey what’sup?”

    another bad thing about this phone is it randomly shuts off…
    to be honest, i wouldn’t get this phone.
    i type on the front normal phone keyboard more than the full keyboard because
    the keys are stiff and the spacebar.
    it’s great for about the first 3 weeks, then you’ll hate it !

  24. james

    ======== REGARDING THE ABOVE POST ========


  25. MariaPaula

    So I bought this phone 3 weeks ago. It’s perfectly fine with me, but I have 3 problems & 3 problems only.
    1) The memory card adapter doesn’t fit in my pc’s memory card reader, so I can’t upload any songs to my card or anything like that;
    2) It freezes/turns on & off on me like once a week;
    3) I can’t receive texts from T-mobile, Verizon or Cricket phone users.

    Anyone know what I can do with my 3rd problem? I know I can just get an external card reader and phones do freeze.. if so, pls reply. Thank you!

  26. Spring

    How do I remove my memory card? I need to transfer pics. Thanks!!

  27. Stephanie

    Yeah, so basically… Don’t buy this phone. It’s definitely a piece. It shuts off while in the middle of a conversation, some of the keys on the QWERTY keyboard stop working, and it’s just a pathetic excuse for a phone. I’m stuck with it for now, but I’m going to try to get a different one ASAP. NOT Samsung this time!! They should stick to TVs!!

  28. james

    wow wee….i got the samsung finesse touch screen from metropcs. now this phone is the bomb…im loving it and it is nothing like the sorry messenger. actually they stopped even making it. screw the messenger.

  29. Stephanie

    Wonder if the Messenger II will have these problems? They should replace everyone’s Messenger with Messenger II, if it actually works right.

  30. israel

    my mom is gonna get the messenger for me should i get it i hope they are still making it

  31. Stephanie


    I mean, it’s your decision to get it or not, of course. But I think it would be a good idea to research the problems that people have had with the phone before your mom buys it for you. I know I’ve had a lot of problems with mine, like it shutting off and stuff like that.

  32. israel

    thx i’ll do that cause my friend has one and his is 100% working 24/7 and i hope i does the same for me if not than i will consider the hint my mom and dad said if my grades are good like only one C grade should be in the grade sheet for me to get it for chrismas what other problems does yours have?

  33. israel

    is metroPCS still making the messenger

  34. LISA

    ive had this phone for quite sometime and i love it.yes every once in a while it will shut off for like second.and the two keys get stuck if you try texting to quickly.but other thant he two very minor things it is well worth the 233.00 that i paid for mine.i love it and metro rocks.no other co is going to give you so much service for so cheap.

  35. israel

    should i buy it

  36. Nicole

    I have had Metro service this same phone for 2 years now and in those to years I have had 5 phone because everytime I get a new one it just shut off or it will die and when I go to plug it up it will not come back on I am pissed off tried of the cheap ass phones my phone shouldnt be doing that I paid almost $200 for my phone I feel like taking this phone back and throwing it in the window….. My baby is really sick and I need my phone on this is my house phone now wtf Iam I supposed to do if she gets to sick run to blocks to the pay phone

  37. Jade Jackson

    hey i have this phone sence my birthday October 9,2009 but i got some water on it alittel and now its broke…..:(……….so now i have to wait till christmis to get another one……………….

  38. Jade Jackson

    i had it for only a few months………………if i were u i wounld not get one…………..n when u have the phone face down n ur phone rings then u cant here ur phone ring……………….dont get it…………..it is a waste on time and money$…………..200.00

  39. dewiece


  40. Sadiya

    oh so i had this phone, butt it wouldnt let me call, &&i NEVER got service. but i put it on roaming && but i still couldnt call but i could text. && then i went to sixx flags, and like i put the phone in my pockett, and i guess when i went on bizarro it like slidd open while i put the saftey thing tighttly around me. && whenever i slid it open to text it got looserr and loooser, then me and my sister waz fighting and like i waz holdin it and it fell and snapped in half! a cord broke and i had to get a neww one..

  41. nana

    dis fone iz piece a shiz dat internet sucks n everythin sp yall shouldnt get da fone

  42. leslie

    how does u no u even got da fone suck do u even got da fone

  43. nana

    duh i do ma # iz 561- f***-u

  44. demetrius

    my screen is cracked. where do i get it fixed.

  45. doug r

    I’ve had this phone for 2 years now, still works perfect.. I talk on it for 2-3 hours a day, battery still lasts more than a day with me using it. I’ve dropped it countless number of times and it’s not even in a case – just sits in my pocket.

  46. Heather

    my messenger everyday says continue BREW? I have no idea what that is any help?

  47. Christopher Price

    BREW is the app platform your phone uses, like iOS or Windows Mobile.

    Likely there is some app running in the background. You may want to give your phone a master reset and check with MetroPCS and Samsung to see if there is a software/firmware update available for your phone.

  48. james

    I say get rid of metro pcs period.

    After 2years of having a real crippled down cell phone/online experience…and no way of being able to fully back up my phone in any way or form, minus just the contacts…it was time for me to go.

    Try calling their support number for anything and its like a long maze process so you spend more time in an automated experience rather than talking to a live person. Metro pcs needs to just fork out the bill and invest in their customers. Their support is horrible.

    Overall it horrible and to be honest with you, I would rather spend a nice amount more to cater to a company like Verizon because wh should people feel like our integrity as customers and our respect is compromised based on having a cheap phone service. So in essence, Metropcs’ attitude is “well, just be happy with what you get…because your poor and you can’t afford a good quality phone service so this is what you get”. That’s their attitude.

    As a person who was against the cost of high cell phone services and a person who is a hi-tech person, i really prevented myself from even getting a cell phone for years, then i tried out Metropcs.

    All along i always felt that i was being provided a trickled down service but never said anything because actually i never really knew what i was missing.

    But now I am with Verizon and i have the Droid X and yeah my bill is twice the amount…but i can tell you this….my service is amazing and the things that i can do with my cell phone allows me to be more productive, find real jobs, present myself with quality and the feeling that I’m not a second class consumer.

    As for the Samsung Messenger, yes I had the phone. But after switching to the Droid X, their is no competition and yeah…..its an OK phone, but it is still a crippled down phone that would seem like an iPhone to any customer who is on metropcs, lol, that’s the funny thing about it.

    The music features on the Messenger pretty much suck and you cannot transfer your itunes music to it, furthermore you might as well rule out the whole idea of a playlist PERIOD while were on the music topic because it’s not happening.

    After being on both sides on the cell phone experience, I can honestly say that it’s well worth just working a bit harder and having the money to get a good quality cell phone. For having a quality cellphone is like a person having a laptop and an person having Metro pcs is like a person who has not stepped into the computer laptop world in the 20th century.

    Sooooooo out dated. And that’s just my 2¢ on MetroPCS

  49. dj brown

    i want to know if the messager iz on the family plan or will upset the family plan

  50. Crystal in Florida

    I just bought the messenger 3 today, and it was wonderful for about 3 or 4 hours. Then my low battery alert came on… so, I pull out the nifty USB/wall charger out that came with the phone… plug it into the wall, attach USB cord… then plug into my cell phone. Waiting for the screen to light up, a beep, the little battery to start blinking… STILL WAITING 4 any sign that the charger had been plugged in. NOTHING! So, I figure maybe its the wall charger adapter box thingy possibly malfunctioning? So, I unhook cord from wall charger adapter box thingy, and plug that end into my USB port on my laptop… hoping that I can charge my new phone this way. Sure enough…. NOTHING there either!!!!! This phone is 100% USELESS if I cannot charge the mother f*cker 🙁 DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THIS P.O.S!!!! The sad part about my situation, is I specifically asked the store manager, whom was my cashier, what phone he recommended.. and this cute little blue phone was the one that was highly recommended to me, because of the low rate of returns, easy access, low cost, and popularity! What a load of SHlT!!! Right now I have 43 minutes of talk time on my phone, its almost completely dead, and I have no way of charging it. This means… I am within the 60 minutes of talk time, and I will be sure to return the phone monday morning, which will also be within the 7 days they allow for returns!! NO QUESTIONS ASKED…. SUPPOSEDLY!! THAT’S THE MetroPCS guarantee!!! I guess we will see on monday morning!!