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3 responses to “MetroPCS Launches ZTE Agent”

  1. kevin

    i don’t get it what does the zte stand for ?

  2. jeri

    I HATE this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It won’t take a charge and the battery runs down way too fast. Regret ever buying it and customer service will only help me if I am a new customer. What about the fact that I’ve been a customer for 4 yrs and never late on a payment?

  3. anthony

    starting to think this was not a good buy. i should have know not to buy the first model…too many bugs need sorting out. the phone does not hold a battery charge. my local store gave me a new battery, and still having the same problem. additionally, if you try to keep charging it, you will get a ‘battery temperature too high’ warning. good price, but not worth the it. guess i’ll write this off and start over