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23 responses to “MetroPCS Launching LG Esteem in October”

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  2. Vi

    Nice to see more prepay action on the high end.

    Good new Blog look Btw.

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  4. Questkev

    A little mention as to where you got the info would be great, as I know where those pictures came from, and who posted them. Be a real journalist, and dont just rip pics and info from a source, with out at least mentioning where you got them.

  5. wagonis

    Amen to that Questkev, considering we know the original source of this picture and information, it would be nice for them to mention where they got their info. I guess all you need is a computer with internet access to be a journalist these days…wow.

  6. Humberto Saabedra

    We avoid mentioning sources because of heavy monitoring by carriers, but if you want to be cited and risk getting fired, then I’ll go ahead and cite the original source.

  7. Sepurb

    You guys should get into the Chinese counterfeit business the way you shamelessly STEAL others work…

  8. Vi

    Humberto Saabedra

    Drama ain’t working. If your source doesn’t want to be identified, mention that like most other blog do. But as you posted it you are implying that….can’t figure what you were implying!

  9. ChazzMatt

    You added a link back to the source in the lead sentence. Thank you.

  10. Kyle

    So is it 4G?

  11. Danny Araujo

    To Kyle: Yes, it is. Just like the Revolution for Verizon.
    I am really excited about this phone. I have $300 saved up for when it comes out. Just hope it’s not larger than $350

  12. Kyle

    yeah. i know. i’ll have $300 by then. it looks great from the pics. I wanna wait until video reviews come out for the phone then buy it

  13. Chazzmatt

    If Metro charged $400 for the LTE Indulge when it first came out, they will charge that or more for this.

  14. Danny Araujo

    haha it’s funny because it’s an inside joke.
    But really it would help a source or to.

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  16. n4zty
  17. ChazzMatt

    Well, he at least included that link to HoFo, after we asked him to credit the source. Originally, he had forgotten to do that.

  18. Danny Araujo

    ^Which in my school you’d get expelled lol

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  20. Danny

    Is it a slide phone as well ??

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  23. Juliana

    Can I download Qik video chat appl to this phone? Please somebody tell me Thanks!!