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4 responses to “MetroPCS Samsung SCH-R720 Android Smartphone Revealed”

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  2. diva

    hey do you have any more info on this phone??? lets see if this one come with the dual camera and with the 5 megapixel with flash for sure, no like the inludge they say the will come with all that and it didn’t…

  3. diva

    please let me know if this one for sure will come with the dual camera and the 5 megapixel with flash… please don’t post what others have please do a real reseach before you post something right now am very dissapointed on the indulge i though it will come with all those features and when i saw it i was sooooo mad the i even think to change carrier but please don’t get my hopes up with this one if your not sure just say it don’t post stuff the will get me excited when they are not true…

  4. diva

    what can you tell us about this phone, is this phone happening?????