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4 responses to “MetroPCS ZTE CE520 for MetroPCS Revealed By FCC”

  1. Jamei June

    MetroPCS is an ok network provider. They just don’t cover enough areas…Do they charge roaming? I like Fuzion Mobile as they are nationwide and never charge roaming…You can also keep or upgrade your phone. They are doing something right at Fuzion…MetroPCS has some good points- but not enough.

  2. Christopher Price

    MetroPCS now has free roaming in most major areas.

    Fusion is an MVNO of an MVNO (AirVoice), and doesn’t even offer mobile data. If you want voice and text-only, there are many services that compete with MetroPCS.

  3. Jamei June

    Fuzion Mobile is going to be releasing data plan VERY soon. It will then be the best positioned.

  4. Christopher Price

    Yeah, yeah. Every MVNO in the history of reselling carrier plans has said that. Hit the contact us button at the bottom of the site when you do actually have the plan up and running.

    Thus far, the only compelling data plans have been from first-parties, though Liberty came close with its $49.99 unlimited plan on Motorola Q. However, they are now sold out of the device and prohibited from activating Sprint devices.