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18 responses to “Microsoft Confirms No Windows Phone 7 Upgrades for Windows Mobile 6.5 Devices”

  1. Frank Sydenham

    I’d love to see the quarterly sales figures for Windows Phones after this announcement. I think sales will dive. Nobody wants a Windows Phone if the current platform will end, and the phone can’t be upgraded.

  2. RonaldVegan

    Let me guess, the 3rd button is the Windows key?

  3. Jeff

    Who really wants a WM phone anyway? Blackberry won.

  4. After Forever

    That is totally OK Microsoft. My next upgrade to an operating system will be Android.

  5. JJ

    Yep. This is a huge mistake on their part. Not only has iphone killed microsoft in smartphone sales but android is on the heels of apple and have already surpassed microsoft. Wasn’t there an article that said that most of the data being used on smartphones was coming from android phones? Good job microsoft you just gave android even more customers. Can’t wait for the Supersonic!

  6. Christopher Price

    iPhone is by far the most data-centric device. Motorola’s Droid per-user comes in at second place, along with other Android phones. Windows Mobile and Symbian are behind that, though it depends on how you break down those devices as well. Data for devices like Nexus One is not yet available.

  7. jim

    Ahhh, who cares…I’ve been using WinMo 5.0 for YEARS.

  8. F1

    I invite you to re-read an updated copy of the August 13th, 2009
    Open Letter:

    Microsoft is the sole example, of the ultimate level of greed,in the history of mankind!
    An absolute disgrace of a company, created by an individual, who has not a single ounce of creativity in his body and soul.

    At Microsoft, it is never enough, in addition to sheer incompetance with product “design”, mixed with complete lack of customer appreciation, with a well documented history of products such as the MS OS Milenium, MS Office, MS Word, MS OS Vista, MS Zune and the ongoing saga of the MS Mobile, what else is new.
    As one of their top ex-executives just recently has disclosed, which btw should not come as news to any of us, if I may paraphrase:

    “MS has nothing new in it’s future pipeline”!

    I would like to also add, that MS has a well established history of copying, stealing, dumping, in addition to being completely exempt of any product liability or customer care standards.

    Microsoft “Word” is the one product, that made MS into MS, even that was not created by MS!

    Bill Gates, as documented by his released email, himself had issues using XP MS OFFICE, read his email to MSIT, it is on the web.

    How many million times, have students at every level of education,i.e. High School, JC,Undergraduate, Graduate schools etc, lost their work because of:

    1.”MS WORD failed to save file”
    2.”click OK to continue”!

    Again, an absolute disgrace of a Company, they monopolized everything, killed off every competitor by either buying them out and closing shop and turning off support, or at best made it into another “no can do”, “pay me more, if you want answers why it is not working” department?
    Or by stealing, “copying an pasting” other’s achivements and ideas!

    For those who need an example, I still vividly recall the graduate school experience of buying Virtual PC 6 by Connetix, thinking that had I achieved some level of freedom, by spending nearly $300 on a product, 3 months later, it is bought out by MS, next the phone number was shut off, followed by killing off the product all together!

    In the beginning, Window’s 98SE and MS2000/Network, were lean efficent products, followed by rushing to sell an unfinished “product” like, XP in 2001, we used to call it “exposed”, with patch over patch over patch, year after year!
    Today XP, after a decade, is brought back from the execution chamber to rescue MS with the Netbook category, why because of “VISTA”!! The jury is still out on “MS Seven”.

    In the mid 90’s Gates gave some $40 million to Apple’s Jobs, (his so called friend), keeping it alive, “because competition is good for MS”!!

    What is money? If you have an unlimited amount, it becomes as valuable as sand on the beach, worthless, unless it is utilized in advancing society.

    A “Fine”, is supposed to cause pain, hence forcing one to correct their behavior, what is $200 million?
    It is not even a slap on the wrist, a fine would be $20 billion, forcing them to rethink their sick policies, something tangible!!
    Why not a refund on all copies of MS Word? Free MS Word for all,as a penalty?
    With a corrupt Congress in it’s back pocket, it continues the nighmare legally!

    My favorite analogy of MS:

    “If refrigerators would have been made as reliable as MS Word, the world population would have been a fraction of what it is today, why you ask? Because of food poisoning!

    Even at that point,I would not doubt that MS would attempt to take credit for it, by stating something like:
    “Helping humanity,control excess world population growth”!

    Thank You

    For the record I still, do not own any shares of MS, Apple or Google,
    btw this letter was produced on my 2008 Asus 900 w MS XP/Word 2000!
    I will buy an Apple Netbook/Tablet,if one is ever made.
    I Applaud Open Office,Android,…for leading the cause of access for all!

  9. F1

    Further proof , that MS XP still a decade later has serious risks:

    Another “fine” MS product, the “MS Explorer series”, which helped eliminate “Netscape” way back at the beginning of browser history!

    MS keeps renaming/repackaging and promising the world if you would only buy this newest latest version, just like the old snake oil traders of the wild wild west, MS Mobile 5.0/6.0/6.1/6.5/7.0/7.3…X.0 etc!

    By simply ignoring MS or any company, which opts to take consumers for granted, they will fall to the side lines and their evantual demise.

    Google will on the other hand, allow all Android phones,even the nearly 2 year old G1 to be updated to Android 2.1, and you guessed it for “free”.

    I still have a 4 times replaced SPRINT “Palm Pro 850”, with the MS Moblie 6.1 garbage OS, which until just last month was a current model in the SPRINT line up,
    I intend to import the Android OS on to the “Pro”,unless Google, releases an unlocked CDMA version of Nexus One shortly, as it releases the VZW version on the 23rd of march.
    In that case I would gladly pay the $529 and keep my off contract SPRINT plan!

    Thank You

  10. Nanfy

    HA, I knew the HD2 would never get an upgade. Another dead end HTC phone with a ZERO year upgrade lifespan. HTC should just fess up and release an update to convert this phone to android. Seriously HTC, selling a phone with a dead end platform. SHAME ON YOU!!!! ohh wait, HTC would rather you buy the NEW HD2 WM7 phone that will come out next year.

  11. Jman

    Just flash android or a newer version of windows on your phone. HTC devices are super easy to unlock the security. Someone always makes a rom for these phones, such as energyrom!!!

  12. Christopher Price

    Jman, the problem is that Windows Phone 7 Series may use completely different bootloaders, kernels, etc. Windows Mobile devices are easy to upgrade because very little has changed in Windows CE underneath. We know for certain that it will use an entirely new generation of Windows CE kernel.

    Microsoft is making clear that WP7S represents a complete break from Windows Mobile, and as such, it likely would take significant efforts to shoehorn WP7S into even devices like the Touch HD2 without serious assistance from Microsoft and HTC.

  13. RDL

    I don’t think this is HTC’s fault per say. I think they had every intention of it being upgradeable hence the beefy specs, just MS didn’t release final requirements for the phone so HTC went with the previous requirements it seems as far as the controls are concerned. I imagine a bit of rework of the phone face will remedy this for future versions, however based on all the articles I’ve read, I’ve formed the opinion that MS has formed some sort of agreement to allow X (who I dislike) release the 1st “Windows Phone 7 Series” device on their network, so that would likely breach that agreement by circumventing it through an upgrade path. Just my opinion. I currently have a G1 fyi, and it’s alright but it’s pretty crap compared to the newer android phones because I don’t think they gave enough consideration to the memory on board (apps/store) I don’t have 2.x so I don’t know if that will resolve anything, nor do I know if t-mo plans to release it (Haven’t looked because I was looking at the HD2 as my win phone 7 path until this moment.)

    I really wanted to get my hands on the SDK for win phone 7 (JEEZE) I have a couple of .net apps I’m anxious to create mobile versions of using the new interface.

  14. Nanfy


    I have to lay blame on HTC for this one. Its their phone, they are ultimately responsible for it. Releasing this phone with a dead end OS is irresponsible and will only hurt them. IF, as you say MS refuses to allow this to be upgraded, then HTC, on their own tab, should release a full blown update that will convert this into an android phone, effectively removing windows mobile from it.

    This would be something a RESPONSIBLE company would do who values their customers.

  15. Christopher Price

    Nanfy, I’m sure HTC would love to get out of this PR blunder by offering an upgrade.

    Normally, it’s the phone maker blocking updates, not Microsoft. But, here, because Windows Phone 7 Series has such tight requirements (like the three button maximum), it’s up to Microsoft to make the waiver here.

    Now, HTC should be pushing Microsoft to waive that requirement, and both companies should be forthcoming about this. Neither are being rather forthcoming.

    And, to that end, we have the same answer we usually do… vote with your wallets people. Palm, Apple, and the whole Android platform love to update their products consistently.

  16. Nanfy


    I have to applaud MS on there tight controls, they want to do things right this time and avoid fragmentation at all costs. But HTC is notorious for not fixing bugs on phones. There business model is based around selling as many handsets as possible, not on selling a platform. They don’t make money from apps, games or music like Apple, Palm and soon to be MS. HTC has had a bad reputation for awhile. Lack of updates and cheap build quality to name a few. My hold PPC 6700 is built 10x more solid than my touch pro. The latest comments from HTC about the nexus one not going in to pockets or its cheap touch sensor used on a supposed high end device is down right shameful. I wonder how strict MS hardware requirements need to be. I hope they get down to exactly what type and manufacture the sensors (touch screen and so forth) need to be in the phone. I hope they are as strict about hardware as apple is about apps and functionality.

    Palm is in a dire but interesting position. They need to get acquire by a large company. They need capital to build there platform. They need an expansive ecosystem like apple with itunes or ms with xbox/zune. Only 1 company right now can offer that to them and that is SONY. Sony, as commented on the recent gizmodo article, needs to dump the Sony-Erickson relationship. All there phones so far have been crap, outdated, and non updated. If Sony buys out Palm, ( remember sony use to use palm os on there high end pda’s), Sony will have their very own high end OS to integrate into there PlayStation and music/movie brand. like WM7 with xbox/zune. Palm will have the capital and market resources(movies, playstation, music) to really take on Apple for the high end crown.

    Chris, who can we get in contact with to make this deal happen 🙂

  17. Quantum Flux

    F1… You’re a lunatic man… Seriously. I mean read back what you wrote. You sound like you’re writing about attrocities in Darfur. Just seek help before you end up shooting up a mall.

    Android marketshare hasn’t passed Win Mo at all. They still have some ways to go. And Symbian/Nokia still almost has more share than all of the others put together (including Apple). Why look at real #’s though right? Better to just drone on and on like morons.

    Win Phone will do the most damage to Android. Im using Android now and hate it. It has most of the drawbacks of Win Mo (poor memory managent, poor task switching, wild west environment) and while trying desperately to copy, never gets right what Apple does so well (the media player, the goofy chiclet UI, the speed, the App Store quality). Every Droid jihadist shows pointless featurelist comparos while they measure their 2mm ePeen (hahahaha… your iPhone doesnt MULTI TASK!!!)… Meanwhile no smart phone is as supremely usable as the iPhone. I may not own one, but I certainly acknowledge what a great job Apple did.

    At least WP7S shakes things up a bit with a UI paradigm shift and some interesting bits.

    I do think MSFT Is making a mistake napalming their installed base and allowing fragmentation to occur by keeping Win Mo alive for the enterprise, but time will tell how damaging these missteps are.

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