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5 responses to “Microsoft Confirms Windows Mobile 7 for 2010 (Updated)”

  1. Occums Razor

    What I have learned is that Windows Mobile 7 is not going to be based on Windows CE, but on Windows 7. We had a .NET FE in for some other MS work and he was being put on the project to develop for Windows 7 on mobile devices.

  2. Occums Razor

    Yes. I am going to be vague, but he was a field engineer, .NET developer, and was being pulled from field support and put on the project to put the full Windows 7 OS on mobile devices. I asked him if it was just Windows 7 CE, and he indicated that Windows CE was being killed, and future versions of Windows Mobile devices would be based on the full OS.

  3. SaltyDawg

    This is fantastic news! I sure hope this is true, because it’s great news.

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