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4 responses to “Microsoft Quietly Approves of Windows Phone 7 “Mango” on HTC HD2”

  1. Nick

    I don’t recall anyone ever promising that the HD2 would be upgradable. And I say that as an owner of one!

  2. peter

    Yes, HD2 was never supposed to be updated to Windows Phone 7. There was suggestions it might be but nothing was ever confirmed.

  3. HD2android user

    Too late MS, I’m running Android Cyanogen in my HD2 w/o problems. I bought my HD2 thinking that if I didn’t like WM6.5 MS will give me WP7, instead they slapped me in the face with a mean comment “By the time WP7 is released, more desirable phones will be available”. You lost a big Fan here MS

  4. HD2_Fan

    HD2android user – Did Google ever promise an Android update for your HD2? Neither did MS. Why blame MS for not delivering on something they never promised in the first place?

    You seem content to have modded your HD2 with android…yet it’s just as easy to mod it with WP7. Seems like misplaced anger and you’re only robbing yourself of the experience of running one of the best smartphone OS’s out there.

    I’ve run numerous WinMo ROMs, Android ROMs and now WP7 Mango on my HD2. There’s a lot to like about Android and I can say from experience that there’s a lot to like about Mango.

    Microsoft is taking the right approach by requiring hardware standards…that HTC didn’t know what those standards were when they designed the HD2 isn’t Microsoft or HTC’s fault – it’s just the way things worked out. MS did the right thing by choosing hardware standards and continues to do the right thing by not trying to prevent us from running WP7 on our HD2s.