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3 responses to “Microsoft Retail Stores Offering Up To $250 Trade-In Credit For Smartphones or Tablets”

  1. Spektor

    Very disappointed — I went down to my local MS store and the program was not as good as I hoped. The full discount only applies to the newest, best phones (i.e. the newest iPhone). My Lumia 900 in perfect condition they offered me a cool $20 for, and the other, older working smartphone I offered to give them they offered me $0 for.

    Plus, they didn’t even have the Lumia 920 I wanted — only available at the online MS store they said….

    You would be better off selling your phone on Craigslist or at a pawn shop.

    MS should have done the right thing and had a real promotion, whereby any working smartphone or tablet would net the $250 coupon. Alas this was nothing more than “” in disguise, with an additional middleman to boot.

    1. Mike

      Wow, thanks for saving me the trip, I’d probably owe them money trading in my Optimus L9, and I want the 920 also.

    2. Melman

      It’s a joke same thing happened to me I took my bb playbook brand new. They just offered me $25 hahaha wasted my time they need to be real