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3 responses to “Microsoft to Discontinue Bing 411”

  1. Spektor

    Very disappointing. Leave it to MS, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    Why exactly should one use Bing now? Other than the nice pictures on their home page?

    And why pray tell does Bing give me turn by turn directions on my old WM Touch Pro2 but not on my new Lumia?

    Bing shming. Bong would be far better.

  2. art

    i too went from google to bing
    great service that will be missed
    used it all the time even better text you the number for future reference
    even if the 2 companies lost money on this service they would have kept a lot of people happy. i will just have to boycott bing as well as google

  3. Samir

    Like you, I switched from goog411 to bing411 the day the service dropped. I used it like you too — in fact I didn’t even change the speed dial in my phone from “GOOG411” to “BING411”. I always was amazed that I got a call to a business connected without using any minutes or data, or driving off the road while trying to look it up on the web. RIP bing411, you will be missed.