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5 responses to “Microsoft To Mandate Free Tethering on Windows Phone 7? (Updated)”

  1. Jonkie

    Windows Phone 7 has a USB port, however it cannot tether wirelessly. Not via WiFi or Bluetooth. Most of its competitors can tether their internet connections wirelessly.

  2. Jim

    Very interesting indeed. I hope M$ can pull this off and NAIL the telcos to the bloody WALL on this one. And as AT&T is main partner on WM7, what I wouldn’t give to hear those investors and corp execs won’t name names) SCREAM over this one. Verizon and Sprint can crank up the decibels too. I think T-Mobile will just quietly go along with it, as they have been all along.

  3. Brandon

    “Correction to #WP7 tethering–that is not official, may not happen. I misunderstood a discussion. Tweet removed. My apologies.”

  4. hysonmb

    @Jonkie- is the statement that wireless tethering is not possible on Windows Phone 7 something that MS has announced? I would hope that if they allow it via USB they’ll allow applications like “WiFi Router” to run on the phone to create a wireless option. If they don’t it won’t kill me but I’d like to have the option.

  5. jim

    So the tweet has been removed due to a misunderstanding. Ahhh, well, so much for that. We still can hope though, that M$ does make this an “Official Mandate”, although I can’t see how the carriers would be willing to go along with it unless they just raise the basic dataplan price $20-30 or so. Those extra dollars are just too precious to those investors and CEO’s to pass up.

    As for wi-fi hotspot, using standard wi-fi chips in ad-hoc mode to do this really seems to heat up the batteries in smartphones quite a bit. I tried wmWiFiRouter and didn’t buy it and stopped using it for this very reason. I don’t know if WP7 specs call for a router function in the hardware to efficiently implement this as the android phones do but if present I see no reason why these apps couldn’t be developed on WP7 as well.