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2 responses to “Microsoft: Windows Phone 7 GSM-Only Until 1H 2011”

  1. Jonkie

    Windows Phone 7 is really being crippled by missing features like this, caused by the compressed development timeframe.

    In the case of missing CDMA ability, it will really crimp the potential market of Windows Phone 7, reducing its small market footprint even further.

  2. Steven Goldfein

    This is just more of the norm when it comes to Microsoft development and started with Windows XP / Server 2003 with Bill Gates taking less and less of a role in the day to day operations of the company and its developments and achievements. The example is easy to see when you compare Office 2003 to Office XP and Server 2003 to Windows XP. Vista’s development was doomed to fail since they decided to just lower the bar rather then fix the underlying problem. For 5 years Microsoft really sat on its laurels when it comes to the mobile OS. The changes and features they introduced in each successive version amounted to nothing really more then bug fixes. Each successive version including fewer and fewer features and benefits of the previous version, for example Active Sync and the ability to backup the device completely or a full copy of the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. At this point I think my next phone will be an Android based phone although I am going to wait out Sprint and refuse to pay a $10 a month extortion fee for the privledge to own an Android Phone on the Sprint network.