Microsoft Windows Phone Summit Announcement Roundup (Complete)

11:04AM – As usual, MS is running at least 15 minutes behind schedule. It’s now a surprise when their keynotes start on time.

11:07 – Five minutes to showtime

11:08 – Expecting the majority of the keynote to center on current developments such as Tango and low-end devices with some attention given to Nokia and Windows Phone Apollo. Not expecting much more than that.

11:12 – Second and final announcement for show start

11:15 – New Corporate VP of Windows Phone Terry Meyerson takes the stage

11:16 – Meyerson details Windows Phone origins from the ashes of Windows Mobile

11:23 – Joe Belfiore is detailing the way in which Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 via what is now known as the Shared Windows Core, in contrast to the clearly defined split between RT/8 for tablet/desktop

11:27 – default screen resolution for WP8 will be 768p (1280×768) and scales up to 1080p with newly expanded support for removable microSDHC/XC support

11:29 – Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone 8 will use the same rendering engine as the desktop browser, all the way down to SmartScreen support and HTML5/JavaScript enhancements

11:31 – Native code support will be enabled on Windows Phone 8 with full DirectX and engine support for games

11:33 –  NFC support will be included in Windows Phone 8 across devices. Promising the most complete wallet experience, an obvious shot at Apple’s recently announced initiative in iOS6

11:35 – Going into comparison of Google Wallet and slow carrier uptake and addresses issue with secure element within the SIM card instead of device integration

11:37 – Orange France details secure SIM solution in video. Windows Phone 8 will include Wallet Hub and Orange France is confirmed as the first operator to support the Secure SIM rollout. ISIS support for the US will come next year

11:39 – Nokia’s Map solution to be built-in to Windows Phone 8 with full functionality, including offline caching. Developers to be given API access with turn-by-turn support also included

11:41 – Windows Phone 8 will feature secure boot and complete encryption via Bitlocker support, signed application support via multiple avenues, remote device management and full Office/Sharepoint integration

11:43 –  Start screen to be completely revamped with more logical LiveTiles and tiles can be resized freely by users, citing feedback

11:47 – Windows Phone 8 being demoed on reference Nokia hardware with a dual-core processor along with reference Windows 8 tablet by Samsung also being demoed

11:49 – Showing off resizing tiles while tile stays active with new updates and MOAR COLORS with Windows Phone 7.5 apps running simultaneously

11:52 – Nokia Drive live tile being demoed with full resizing and changes display info in real-time

11:53 – Demoing shared core integration with Internet Explorer 10. Demo revolves around website attacks and malicious sites

11:54 – Now demoing HTML5 and JavaScript improvements in IE10 with LiveTile support and Touch Events.

11:56 – Windows 8 tablet being used to demo Windows 8 SDK shared core features for games ported to Windows Phone 8

12:00 – Going into further detail regarding NFC support with a Wired print magazine ad being used as a prop to demo NFC link sharing and business cards

12:02 – Sharing Hub revamped to add Tap & Send to support any device with sharing between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 being demoed and third-party integration. Of note is the demo app which was updated in two days with NFC support

12:06 – Wallet Hub being demoed with examples of all types of cards with emphasis on stored deals and third-party integration. Chase Bank to bring native Windows Phone app soon with Wallet integration

12:10 – Wallet deal integration being demoed with deals based on either expiration and rely on either QR codes or NFC tags. Library card integration demoed with Map support and Local Scout support with new Deals integrated

12:12 – Wallet security being demoed with PIN support along with the Secure SIM support. In-app purchases now supported with Wallet integration

12:16 – Video of app being developed across Windows Phone and Windows 8 with a real-world example for the app. Use case is a restaurant.

12:19 – Developer Platform head Kevin Gallo now on stage

12:20 – Shared Windows Core features being detailed with newly announced cross-device Windows Device Driver model, more granular control over content and apps,    IPV6 support, NFC and improved Bluetooth support, DirectX integration, Native Code, .NET support and “Compile in the Cloud” for developer submissions

12:24 –  Native C/C++ code support now included in Windows Core, mainly targeting gaming. Havok, Autodesk, FMOD featured as middleware partners. Havok to bring complete suite to Windows Phone 8. Havok Suite Windows Phone 8 demo showcasing myriad features of Havok Suite for physics and gameplay

12:30 – Gameloft and Big Fish announced as first Windows Phone 8 gaming partners

12:32 –  Native Code being detailed for application porting between iOS/Android and open source library support along with Shared API support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. SQLite now ported to Windows 8/Windows Phone 8

12:35 – Deeper VoIP integration thanks to Skype purchase with native integration and better multitasking support, available to all developers.

12:36 – Improved location support now includes multitasking support for GPS/location apps

12:38 – Video demo of multitasking and new features with Inrix traffic calculation app

12:40 – Speech runtime improved with new emulator and  slight demo hiccup

12:42 – Demo of speech recognition with more natural conversation for voice commands

12:43 – New version of Audible being made available today for Windows Phone 7.5

12:45 – Confirmation of Windows Phone 7.5 app compatibility for Windows Phone 8 with multiple options for code integration for new app development

12:47 – Rundown of new enterprise support with Bitlocker and Secure Boot, application control and new Company Hub support for corporate support with customizable application deployment and intranet support

12:53 – New SDK to be released later this Summer

12:54 – Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and HTC to release first wave of Windows Phone 8 on Qualcomm Snadragon SoCs beginning this Fall. All updates to be delivered OTA, Microsoft will support all devices for at least 18 months and will allow early adopters early access to updates.

12:57 – Windows Phone 7 users will receive  Windows Phone 7 New Start, now known as Windows Phone 7.8 spearheaded by Nokia. Now confirmed that Windows Phone 8 will not run on Windows Phone 7 devices

13:00 – Nokia Lumia range to see new range of apps beginning next week, DLNA, usage and Music across entire range. Camera  app to be updated with new extensions such as self-timer, panorama and Smart Group Shot, developed in partnership with recently acquired Scalado

13:03 – Nokia Maps to add image support and location pinning for Nokia Transit, while Nokia Drive will add My Commute support for everyday driving

13:07 – Zynga to develop new versions of Draw Something and Words with Friends for Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5.

13:09 – That’s a wrap.

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