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6 responses to “MobileMe Up, iTunes Down… As In, Locking Users Out”

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  2. Allison

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADDRESSING THIS HUGE PROBLEM….I have been trying to work out this kink as long as I have had iTunes 7.7.1….HUGE problem, and NO acknowledgement from Apple!!

    I thought I was going crazy!!

  3. edwin

    Anyone has any idea when this will be fixed ? This is nuts, can not access the itune store from MacBook nor ipod touch.

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  6. E

    Refusal of access due to “authorization” of $1,000+ of purchased material is not acceptable… – – Is this something we should be patient about… I’m pretty much through with I-tunes, but I’m wondering if I need some consumer protection… I am definitely NOT a happy camper right now… quite the opposite actually ! ! !