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8 responses to “More Bad WP7S News: No Clipboard At Launch”

  1. SaltyDawg

    More great news from Microsoft regarding Windows Phone 7 Series. That OS is sounding better and better (sarcasm)…

    I just hope someone makes a Touch Pro 3 running Android.

    Chris- a great suggestion for an article…

    You guys should write something up on how to switch from WinMo to Android. I’ve been a WinMo guy forever, and never owned an Android device. I’ve played with friends’ Android devices here and there, but not enough to know all the tricks and stuff. I don’t use Outlook or Exchange, my email is hotmail, and I use Microsoft’s MyPhone to backup contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.

    What would be the nest way for me to switch to Android? How to get contacts, calendar, tasks, etc on the new device? What are the must have apps? What are the tweaks that need to be made?

    I think that would make a great article, as there will without a doubt be tons of WinMo users looking to switch to Android in the near future…

  2. SaltyDawg

    Oh no, I didn’t mean dual boot. I meant if I buy the next hot new Android phone, what will I miss abotu WinMo and what do I need to do to make it a smooth transition? Plus, how do I get my contacts and all that over?

  3. Nanfy

    About No copy and paste
    In the worlds of the robot AWESOM-O :


  4. JJ

    I hope someone at microsoft reads these post.
    What are they thinking getting rid of multitasking and copy and paste? These features are even in windows 6.0! Cmon! Iphone has them too. Why would you take features like this away? What kind of reasoning is “were trimming so we can focus on ones that matter the most”? How is copy and paste and multitasking not an important matter?
    Microsoft you are really screwing up. Nobody wants to wait for an update for basic things like this especially knowing in the past you haven’t delivered on these updates.
    My goodness, steve balmer really wants iphone and android to continue selling like hotcakes. Hes helping them sell more and more every day with these stupid announcements about windows 7.

  5. Tex

    Chistopher, Check again, Android for the Sprint Touch Pro 2 works with the CDMA data. Need to download the latest version. I do find on my phone that I have to make a phone call after booting Android before the data connection will work.

  6. SteveBallmerSux

    Sign the petition first, then edit your tag line on all the forums you frequent to point to the petition. Then email the editors from your favorite websites, cnet, pcworld, maximumpc etc explaining why they should cover this and maybe if enough people do the same publicly Microsoft may listen. Don’t hold your breath for everything getting reversed but If history proves one thing, Microsoft does occasional listens. Windows XP got almost 18 additional months of sales after they wanted to stop selling it caving to public pressures.

    I probably will skip the first gen of this phone anyway unless XDA has it fixed before release, but as the hacks and customizations occur I might reconsider it again down the road.