Motorola Adventure V750 Release Information Surfaces

New information has surfaced regarding pricing and launch details regarding the first EVDO Rev. A push to talk handset from Verizon Wireless.  The Motorola Adventure V750 is now expected to be launched on July 28 in all sales channels including Telesales, online, and Circuit City locations.

Image courtesy of Engadget Mobile

Pricing for the high-end clamshell is expected to be set at $299.99 retail, $219.99 after a 1 year agreement, and $149.99 after a 2 year agreement before expected rebates.

As we’ve reported on extesnsively, the Motorola Adventure is to be one of the first EVDO Rev. A devices with push to talk access in order to compete with Sprint’s QChat service, with evidence pointing to Qualcomm and Verizon deploying an updated version of BREWChat, Qualcomm’s push to talk solution which was developed in 2002.

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5 responses to “Motorola Adventure V750 Release Information Surfaces”

  1. Don Louie

    July 28th for this, September 2nd for the Sprint cousin, I call that bull$#!+

  2. EJ

    Is Sprint blowing its chance to spark a PTT revival? Maybe the worst part of this QChat launch is that you’re forced to call telesales or visit a store. Only one of five Sprint stores that I’ve visited in the NYC area have had any hint of QChat handsets, not to mention the fact that the first round of phones were all entry-level. So now Verizon is set to go with the 750 in two weeks, while Sprint’s 950 is only just now showing up in a roadmap leak. Seriously? Release the phones, plug the service, make them available for purchase. You’ve gotta jump through hoops to get one, and the best ones aren’t even out yet. Meanwhile, here comes Big Red…

  3. Army

    Yup like usual sprint has its head up its ***, oh well time to port to Verizon…I’m sick of my bill being all screwed up every month anyways…guess there is a reason for sprint horrible ruputation!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don Louie

    Maybe they will move the date up for the v950

  5. TWilli017

    I was with Nextel/Sprint for about 15 years. The last 10 years I kept saying I was going to Verizon cuz I was so sick of poor performance and horrible customer service. And only the NEW customers got the best deals! One day I walked into a Nextel/Sprint store to upgrade my phone, and they made it so difficult that I told them to just cancel my account cuz they sucked & thier service sucked! I drove right over to a Verizon Wireless store and ported my numbers. Within 15 minutes, I was out of the store with 3 new phones (family plan), kept all my phone numbers, and never lost my signal again! I have been waiting patiently for a better PTT from Verizon, and just in time…….. my 2 yr contract is nearing the end & I qualify for some huge discounts,. Thats right- Verizon rewards it’s CURRENT customer base with discounts. Not the new-comers. Although they get some pretty sweet deals, too. But at least they reward you for your loyalty.- The way it SHOULD be! If ya have Nextel or Sprint- get out while you can! You won’t be sorry with Verizon Wireless !