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7 responses to “Motorola Announces Android 3.1 for XOOM”

  1. Toby Dittman

    Will the wifi only Xoom eventually receive the honeycomb update?

  2. Christopher Price

    Yes, all XOOM variants will be updated to 3.1.

  3. F1

    @ Chris

    Does this upgrade, make the XOOM up to par to what is was meant to be @ launch?
    In other words, does everything at last work now?

    Thank You

  4. F1
  5. Christopher Price

    F1, I really can’t answer that.

    I don’t use Android 3.0, or 3.1 at the moment.

    Google is required to share the source code for Honeycomb, and they are refusing, claiming they don’t want phone makers cramming it into phones before the quality is there.

    Hence, I won’t be using any Android 3.0 or 3.1 devices until Google releases the source code. If you want to make the same decision, that’s your call, I’m not calling for an all-out ban on new Android builds.

    I just hope Google quickly comes into compliance with open source agreements.

  6. F1

    @ Chris

    I’ understand your sentiment, I’m also under the understanding that some have already ported Honeycomb 3.0 on to rooted VZW Thunderbolds.

    Earlier reviews on the XOOM, had indicated that 3.0 appeared underbaked and does not seem as ready, personaly I’ was looking forward to a Tablet with a fully functional ADOBE FLASH, out of the box, such as the RIM PLAYBOOK, however with a larger screen ( might still reconsider).
    Perhaps with the release of the new SAMSUNG GALAXY II, things will improve regarding the HONEYCOMB source code.

    Having said that, I’m also not aware whether the ASUS TRANSFORMER has working FLASH either, I’m staying away from MS7 on the otherwise close to perfect 12 inch ASUS TABLET, sadly battery life is only 2.5 hrs due to MS7’s power drain, maybe if one could install XP or RIM’s OS on it, however neither MS OS is TABLET designed/ ready until according to MS, the “all new” OS know as MS8!

    I’m also staying away of the gorgeous iPAD2, do to lack of native FLASH support and the infamously manipulative iTUNE control.

    Thank You

  7. F1

    “due to lack”