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3 responses to “Motorola Cuts The Limbo List for KitKat To Two – No Bluetooth LE for RAZR”

  1. Anon

    Motorola can kiss my a** . I’m running Kitkat 4.4 via CM11

  2. Anon

    on Droid Razr Maxx (XT912)

  3. Galane

    EXTREMELY P.O’ed that the Photon Q will not get updated past 4.1.2. There’s no reason at all for the shoddy treatment, which Moto is also giving to the Droid 4.

    The Photon Q is essentially a Droid 4 with a faster CPU, and a lousy keyboard – or at least a lousy keyboard driver. It’s either missing keypresses or will bounce so bad I get 2 to 4 of the same character.

    Another WTH?! thing with the keyboard is the ; and : keys have the wrong scan codes! They produce the angle brackets. That makes it impossible to enter an https: URL with the physical keyboard because it’s impossible to enter a colon. Can’t even type a time of day. Want to schedule a meeting at 2:30? Well you can’t type 2:30 without using the onscreen keyboard just for the colon.

    Sprint customers asked for a version of the Droid 4 to upgrade from their aging Epic 4G’s and when Sprint *finally* got it they were snickering quietly “Haha, suckers!”.

    Why does Sprint hate real keyboards so much?