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11 responses to “Motorola i1 Successor Revealed by FCC”

  1. Random1

    First off, the i1 is still on 1.5 Cupcake. To date, no custom roms available 🙁

    Next, Moto quietly released a software update for the i1 late Friday afternoon. Now I know why!

  2. Veovis

    If iDEN is supposed to be shut down, why are they still making devices for it?

  3. Christopher Price

    Veovis, iDEN will be phased out over a few years. As long as the network is active, there is a need for a supply of compelling devices to keep users who need the network happy.

  4. Jon

    Android 2.1…. behind. Buttons like a 3 year old blackberry. They should bring back the hybrid CDMA/iden technology. No one wants 1g slooooow data, dropped calls and text messaging that takes 3 days to work.

  5. Matt

    I agree, if they are planning on shutting down the network in a few yrs why the are they still coming out with iden phones, I have to tell ya, iden push to talk is the shit and anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy. My work has veriizons push to talk and its absolutely sucks, i hate it and it doesnt even come close to comparing with the nextel network. Now heres the deal, Dan Hesse came to Sprint awhile back and brought alot to the company but I’ll be honest, if he shuts down iden in a few yrs and comes out with this qchat push to talk thing, hes nuts. When people want push to talk they want Nextel, and for him to want to shut down iden, that would be the most dumbest thing to do, if hes smart he will keep iden and come back out with a hybrid and use iden for push to talk only. I read about this stuff all the time and now they are talking about multimode base stations, well, throw iden on that multimode base station and make hybrids and he’ll have people busting down the doors at the sprint stores to get the phones. I study this stuff and Im telling ya, iden “Can Not Be Beat” when it comes to push to talk. I agree totally with the multimode base stations but shutting down iden is not the answer. If sprint shuts iden down, they will lose alot of customers. Deal with sprint, youve got the number 1 push to talk network, now use it to your advantage and take off to a great future in the wireless industry. Do the right thing sprint, “Do Not Shut Down Iden”

  6. Christopher Price

    Matt, you answered your own question.

    Right now, Nextel has the best PTT around. Their network may be terrible speed-wise, but the PTT is still what keeps Nextel running.

    Sprint has a new game plan to build a new, national PTT network atop CDMA 1x Advanced. However, that is going to take a few years.

    I suspect once 1x Advanced is network-wide and Sprint has PTT working as flawlessly as Nextel, you’ll see new Nextel releases come to a halt, and Sprint will begin to push/force people off the network quickly.

  7. w wadsworth

    If you dont like nextel , why are you reading this? I work in a very poor environment ( outside) I have a Clutch, a very good Durable. rain , dirt , dropped many times. I realy dont think a HTC or iphone would last a week with me. Nextel has the best motorola phones. If I need a laptop,I’ll use a laptop. I use a phone to talk. so speed is irrelavant. I’m not going to watch youtube or it. Plus the sprint phones do suck, no selection.

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  10. pavy415

    the motorola i1 is not bad as long as it’s rooted. And the new phone that’s coming out is ugly even if it has a key board. And what secret update did they release for the i1? Where can I get it?

  11. cub

    This is a worse idea than a Passion of the Christ sequel. OK THIS PHONE BLOWS! Bought it right after it came out, nothing but dissapointment, problems. NO SUPPORT! Already considered a legacy platform. The previous update included YOUTUBE, which did not originally come on the phone and which now WILL NOT play ANY videos – check out the google threads and EVERYONE is having this issue (with no response from google OR youtube OR motorola). Most apps in the market are no longer compatable, even ones that used to be. YES, mine WAS rooted, but the latest RBE.03.02 update broke my root. On top of that, MOTO has already told us there will be NO major firmware upgrades, and they WILL NOT unlock the bootloader. There are a billion issues with this phone, so why they would think anyone who already got screwed on buying it once – well that tells you what google/moto thinks about their end-users intellegence!!! Great $400 dollar phone that within one year had already been deemed “LEGACY.” I’m almost suprised there isn’t any class lawsuits or consumer complaints regarding this product. If they think for a sec that anyone is going to fall for this again then BWAHAHAHHAHA