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8 responses to “Motorola Launches Viral Marketing Campaign for Droid Bionic”

  1. Flippindewd

    How can you be sure this is Motorola’s doing? It could (most likely) be some creative guy with a lot of time on his hands.

  2. Jim

    How do we know these “young programmers” don’t code these ROM builds with all kinds of dormant viruses that awaken at times of their choosing after release, and do all kinds of insiduous damage, data leakage and exposure to god knows who (Google at the very least). Isn’t that what MDB#228 is? A dormant virus?

  3. Thinkertoo

    this statement says it all ” I am Motorola Droid Bionic # 228. You must know my story, please do not share any of this information with mainstream media, Verizon, or any Motorola employees. This is sensitive information and its spread could have dire consequences.” posting a “secret” ~ what a “crock” ~ don’t even make a “lick of sense”

  4. BrainB13

    It’s exactly what you claim it to be, “a cleverly written story” but that’s all it is; a story. “The first sentient created by the human species.” Yeah right. I’m a software developer and the mere thought that they can’t find this bug once it presented itself with the manpower they have. Pure fantasy. Anybody that has been following the Bionic could have written that piece. Yes, there could be viruses planted in the code but I seriously doubt it.

  5. Motoxer

    Its a joke you idiots. It’ll be here the forst week of August. I spoke to a verizon representative yesterday and he assured me it would be here the first week of august. There are many signs pointing to a release very soon…

  6. kpicco

    This is a clear reference to the Terminator canon. August 4th 1997 was the day that Skynet became self-aware/conscious- completely ties in to the anDROID concept of artificial intelligence and “bionic” concept of technology enhancing the human form.

  7. GryphonD

    Nicely done little story to spark peoples’ imaginations. I have to wonder though, why the Droid in the pic instead of a Bionic model…

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