Motorola Launches Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Sprint Q9c

Motorola has released the first US carrier-branded Windows Mobile 6.1 update for users of Sprint’s Motorola Q9c smart device.

The update features new functionality such as copy/paste of text, threaded SMS messaging, Direct Push, and the new Internet Exploer Mobile browser which allows for advanced zooming and formatting of web pages.

Users with the device will need to run Motorola Software Update in order to begin the update process.

Encyclopedia: Motorola Q9c

Firmware Tracker: Updated

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5 responses to “Motorola Launches Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for Sprint Q9c”

  1. Rick

    Love Sprint and Love the Update … I have zero complaints about the phone now…

    Thanks Sprint

  2. joe

    cant find any updates

  3. Ryan

    where can the update be found?

  4. Christopher Price

    Ryan, the link to the download is in the Updates section of the Phone Encyclopedia. Just click the link to the Encyclopedia article above, and that will tell you where to go.

  5. joe

    no update there