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4 responses to “Motorola Mobility CEO Confirms Further Delay for Droid Bionic”

  1. Duh

    It’s not “further delayed” if the official release date was never stated as August 4th. It was pure speculation.

  2. gmoonit

    Uh, duh, it’s further delayed from the spring release…

  3. butchyon

    There really is no excuse for taking over 9 months to bring the Bionic to market, other than the folks at Moto are not serious enough about the project. A foreign phone maker would have had their developers working on the Bionic 24-7. Moto is an American company, and it’s my guess that the development lab doesn’t operate around the clock. Like most Americans, they prefer the straight-weekdays, no night-shift, and all weekends-off work schedule. Think HTC’s development labs ever close? 24-7, I assure you. That’s how they (and the other foreign phone manufacturers) stay on top, and get their products to market on time. It ain’t rocket science, my friends…

  4. Bubba

    I’m willing to bet this phone will be like the thunderbolt. People couldn’t wait (including myself) for it to come out. It was delayed several times and when it finally came out there were hardly any lines at the stores and if came with only HALF of the features that were promised. Here it is July and there’s no gingerbread update, no skype, and it’s like finding a needle in a haystack for extended battery cases. This phone works better since the last update but it still falls behind the other htc phones. So as far as this phone being a big hit I’m not going to hold my breath.