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7 responses to “Motorola Pulls All iDEN Firmware Updates”

  1. Dan Hesse

    My guess as ti why they removed it is because of the Java Authentication error thats currently happening to a lot of IDEN phones. There is a fix out for it that service centers can use on any phone with Java auth issues. Apparently, some license in the java program expired causing the issue. I guess they pulled the software so they can re add it with the Java fix in them?

  2. Tony

    Perhaps they are adding the necessary software to be compatible with qChat DCS numbers. I believe the current iDen platform will only understand numbers seperated by stars, and the DCS numbers will remove those and add an counterpart.

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  4. Louienyc75

    Motorola is the greatest. We’re stuck with these fashion-less, bulky iDEN phones and now you can’t update your firmware. The best part is Motorola leaving its customers in the dark about it’s iDEN update page. Why should we guess when Motorola should tell us what’s happening and when they plan to be back up. What a crappy company that’s going to sh*t. The same people that run Sprint must be running Motorola too. A damn shame.

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