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4 responses to “Motorola Quietly Announces ATRIX HD, Adds T-Mobile 3G Support”

  1. Jim

    I am truly excited about the Atrix HD. Had one in my hands but the price tag was huge. Playing with the phone in comparison to my Atrix 4g was light years ahead of my 4g. Cannot wait for the price to come down as I am a Walmart Family Mobile customer (Tmobile) and have been able to use the Atrix 4g data but only at the edge speeds. My question is, will the Atrix HD be able to run the 4g network as well or will it be limited to 3g which is still pretty fast for mobile internet, not like the sleeping dog edge service? I would be happy just to be able to get to 3g at this point.

  2. Christopher Price

    The Atrix HD will be able to connect to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network at T-Mobile “4G” speeds.

  3. Sheila

    I am purchasing thinking of purchasing the atrix hd lte and use for t-mobile. Will my sim card work in the phone.

    1. Jim

      Yes Sheila your sim card will work as long as it is the micro sim. If you have the full size sim, you would need to buy a Noosy sim cutter from either ebay or amazon because that’s exactly what I did when I bought the Atrix HD for myself and found it had the micro sim. The sim cutter should run any where from $5-$10 on either site. I LOVE the Atrix HD and yes I am getting the full 4G not 4G LTE when I am within the tmobile towers. Hope this helps!