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4 responses to “Motorola Responds to Lack of ICS Updates on Atrix 4G/Photon 4G/Electrify”

  1. Tony

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Tom S

    Punit Soni were actually truthful in his commitment to be “transparent”, he’d give a damn good reason why, after nine months, this breaking of commitments had to be made.

    Even Sony, which the community found good evidence was lying in giving its reasons regard the Xperia PLAY no ICS update (after promising it), at least gave a reason.

    Here we’re left to pick apart likely causes, Webtop 3, whatever. Unless and until Motorola actually gives a technical reason, I think it’s just BS that they’re trying to bury old devices which are more than half way through their contract on.

    I’ve yet to see a single Tegra 2 that can’t run ICS properly. Not one.

    Motorola committed to Google’s pledge to at least provide all capable firmware updates for at least two years, or show a reason why a device can’t be updated. For Motorola to not honor its parent company’s commitments (which it mutually accepted on its own), underscores the long-term issues that Android just can’t seem to shake. I think a lot of people with Atrix’s right now wish they had an iPhone 3GS, which despite being vastly inferior, is worth more thanks to a stead stream of firmware updates, through iOS 6.0.

    Windows Phone 8 even learned from Android’s mistakes. Why can’t Motorola?

  3. rodrigues

    This does not change my opinion, on the contrary.

    Motorola=Google, ANdroid out!! Welcome to Windows phone 8 and Apple IOS.

  4. Dude

    “… it’s clear that Motorola is making an effort to change the way it does things…” No, it’s all talk. Very little has changed, and what has is not for the better. They’ve essentially walled off every market except their precious Verizon, until that goose stops laying golden eggs. All they do is talk about how things are going to change, how the “New Motorola” is going to be so much better. It’s all talk about how things are going to be better in the future while screwing people in the present. Without anyone buying those devices now, what future does the company have? Who in their right mind would trust them enough to commit to a 2 year contract with one of their devices?