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4 responses to “Motorola Xoom To Launch Without Flash, Support in Spring Update”

  1. F1

    Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb tablet has confirmed via the fine print that it will not launch without Flash support,…
    Motorola is working on deploying Flash 10.2…who are they kidding ??

    What about any previous version?

    If this is truly the case, it is at the very leaast truly a Public relations nightmare and a shame…for Motorola and Google’s inaugural Tablet OS “Honeycomb”, not to speak of greedy VZW forcing people to sign up for a minimum of one month!
    Furthermore it is interesting to note that there is complete absense of any information on the release date of the “Wifi only” model!

    Legally they are walking a fine line, bordering on “false advertising”, building on the hype, commercials & all the so called “reviews”!!
    If this is the “rollout”, be forwarned with the so called “after sales support”!

    It is evident that things have not changed much at Motorola’s inter- departemal system structure, left hand (Marketing) still fails to communicate with the right hand (Software?Tech)!

    I was truly looking forward to this product, as sited on my previous post, however at this point I am not so sure, not so much for the lack of “Flash”, but rather for a hint of “deception” in marketing!

    Up for serious consideration once again,
    the “ASUS Eee Slate EP121 12.1″ Tablet Computer”.

    Thank You

  2. F1

    Also just an editorial side note, I forgot to site the “double negate” in the oppening sentence, which I pasted above and below:

    ” Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb tablet has confirmed via the fine print that it will “not” launch “without” Flash support, instead being deployed in a future update later…”

    Thank You

  3. F1

    While I am at it, my own eye sight is not the same anymore:
    “opening” & ” least” are evidence to that!

    Thank You

  4. Steven Goldfein

    These new tablets are way overpriced.