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17 responses to “Motorola’s KitKat Limbo List – And Why It Matters More Than Elsewhere”

  1. Darin Warden

    Very nice article about this Motorola problem. I agree with what you have said about 4.4 kitkat and how it is supposed to be an upgrade for a very broad range of phones, but Google and manufacturers will not implement or get to that. But it appears you did a fair amount of research and for better or worse, confirmed I will never buy for personal use a Motorola device, even if they get the modular phone program going. I use a Droid Razr HD for work and it is lacking compared to Samsung and even LG.
    Thanks again for the article.

  2. Daniel


    Great article, great reporting.

    OS updates are important in the decision process for me, but actually rank far behind Micro-SD card slot and removable battery. Thanks for Cyanogenmod, this becomes something I don’t think much about at all. My S3 is on 10.3 and working pretty well.

  3. Tom S

    Problem with CyanogenMod is many devices can’t use it without exploits. Often times there’s no going back or no easy way of going back. And, even with an auto-installer, it’s a very niche task that for most is only a first-resort after your device maker has abandoned the device.

    Add in bugs and the risk (albeit low) of bricking, and CyanogenMod is going to be a niche option most Android device owners can’t count on.

    Motorola is dominant on Verizon – and Verizon won’t let anyone unlock their bootloaders except on overpriced developer edition phones (which Verizon then refuses to let people subsidize). One might argue that’s a reason to avoid Verizon, but millions don’t have that option due to coverage monopolies.

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  5. Seb

    My Motorola Razr i is pretty much all I’d want in a phone, I love it.

    Along with many others will keep my fingers crossed it will get upgraded to Kit Kat.

  6. George

    Motorola’s Upgrades site has been updated and is showing additional devices that are planned to be upgraded to KitKat. Verizon Moto X upgrades have started today!

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  8. iknow72

    You want to know the truth they make these OS updates to milk technology to think that later you’re getting better phone to the slow and stupid brainwashed, also every OS has memory leaks. I know this because the code is all wrong and IDK why they don’t see this or fix it. I guess will see what KITKAT has to offer if it’s the same then I’m going to their HQ and throwing my phone at the CEO CFO CCO whatever ********** face.

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  10. simon

    The RAZR I only came out in November 2012. It’s well within Google’s 18 month recommendation for product support. It’s now been ‘Future plan coming soon’ for over a month on Motorola’s website despite lots of RAZR I users tweeting and contacting them asking them for confirmation the phone is getting KitKat. You would think Motorola as a Google company would be faster and more responsive to customers’ enquiries. I guess once they have your money you’re history to them. Perhaps Apple next time for 2 year support. Anybody else know a former flagship phone abandoned after 12 months?

  11. Seb

    As a UK owner of a RAZR I (still on sale, still in initial contract), it is more annoying as a number of standard apps no longer support 4.1

    E.g. Barclay’s customers cannot install the Barclay’s (UK major bank) banking app on the RAZR I = quite a big issue.

  12. phil

    I’m a UK RAZR I user as well. My phone is just 6 months old and has received no updates since the factory installed 4.1.2. I thought as I was buying a phone from Motorola – a Google company – it would receive fast updates. It’s an otherwise great phone but Motorola do need to confirm either way if it’s ever going to get an update. If it doesn’t I shall never buy Motorola products again. I also have the occasional issue with apps not working due I guess due to the unusual intel atom processor.

  13. anon

    4.4 Kitkat upgrade breaks HD Video Playback in all devices. (causes frame skipping). Performance wise 4.4 is a downgrade when compared to Jelly Bean.

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  15. Kenny Blanchard

    Worse thing I did was up date to Kit Kat….****** my phone up completely!!!!!!!!!!!!!