55 responses to “Nationwide T-Mobile Service Disruption”

  1. marie corliss

    busy signal for incoming calls & unable to text

  2. Jim

    Reno, NV

    Says my number is not in service at this time.
    Can make call out only.
    No texting.

    What a mess….

  3. jorge

    Unable to make or receive calls or texts

  4. erin

    no internet, no texts, wtf

  5. sandra reta

    same problem, my entire family has tmobile, cannot receive calls, busy signal, how long has this been going on?

  6. Melissa, OH

    Limited calling, no text. Call to 611 says “we’re sorry, all circuits are busy”, or give a busy signal.
    No texts going through.

    This is amazingly pathetic. Not that they care, but I can’t wait until my contract is up, was thinking of going to a competitor. LOTS of dead zones in my area, and then this, which has sealed the deal.

  7. milkbone98

    Everthing working besides SMS in NY.

  8. Jimmy Carsonoma

    I missed the birth of my child because of this!

  9. Joe Foster

    I missed an important phone call from a client that I needed today, and instead am getting evicted.

  10. Wendie

    Unable to make or receive calls or texts.


  11. chad

    when is it going to be fixed!!

  12. bottomline

    Who said t-mobile was better than sprint ??? Thats what I thought ………..

  13. SFBay

    Service out all afternoon and into evening in SF Bay Area. Went to TMobile store and they could do nothing as they could not get through to customer service.

  14. Jovana

    I wasnt able to send txt at all!!!! Then i waited like an hour and i was able to send txt, and i got a few replys, but its not working anymore!!!! ugh! this is really annoying!

  15. robertrael

    My sprint is working just fine, but I can’t text or MMS my one T-Mobile friend!

  16. angela



  17. Colleen

    This is so frustrating!

  18. ccureau

    As of 8:45 CST, SMS was restored. Voice was restored at about 8pm. Strangely enough, my @Home service wasn’t affected.

  19. ccureau

    EDIT: My service was back at those times 🙂

  20. Wendy

    My daughter 400 miles away at college. Can’t call her or anyone else.

  21. Wendy

    It’s 10;15 in NY and still can’t call anyone. Call failed to 611.

  22. Damon

    reporting in from central Missouri, from 6:30pm CST to about 7:45 all data was down (including internet, SMS and MMS) and outbound calls resulted in a busy or error signal or were instantly dropped, incoming voice calls worked as long as they were from land lines or other networks. this was was from 5 different customers across about a 40mile area (so more than one cell tower) as of about 8:15pm CST everything seems to be normal again… for now…

  23. sheena

    I’ve only had this service a few months and this is my 3rd problem of this sort I missed important work related calls and my 9 year old could not reach me this ain’t cool I already want out of this contract or a credit would be GREATLY appreciated THIS SUCKS

  24. Tim Rolfes

    Northern New Jersey has no coverage.
    No bars, no nothing.

  25. olivia

    I have a sidekick lx and it keeps losing service and now ive turned it off and back on again and it lost ALL service and contacts. everything.

  26. Vivi

    This is unacceptable of a carrier like tmobile on whom so many people rely! Although I’m pretty sure soon tmobile will be losing fans n rightfully so! I cannot describe in words what my boyfriend and I went thru tonight!! I feel credit is due to all customers whose lives have been affected all across the nation! Things do happen of course but after we have been battling them in overages n sneaky hidden fees n charges now this happens n puts our lives on the line!! Give me credit or let me out of a terrible contract for free!! I’m not even going to talk about sidekick issues here, we all know what happened there!

  27. daniel

    lol who misses their childs birth. hahhaaha. my phones working fine now. guess its fixed.

  28. Joseph Jefferson

    OK, I run A small Bussiness Using Only My T-mobile Mytouch. Phone Has Been Acting Up for Atleast A week. Called customer care 5 days ago they say ohh everything is fine in your area. well, its Not! All My friends have t-mobile with several different phones. all experiencing same problems. I tried calling again today, I had no service? calls were busy or unavailable to 611? I have Lost Hundreds of dollars due to not having phone reception. Which By the way I live In Downtown Portland, Oregon? How Is That Acceptable? VERY UPSET CUSTOMER…..GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE.

  29. desiree

    this has been exasperating! i missed seeing an old friend in town cuz i couldnt call or text! WTF!

  30. violet

    Are they fking serious?! I missed a very important call from my dad whom is sick…this is rediculous!!! I hate this company! I’ve had it for 6yrs and im changing to a competitor tomorrow! I hope you fall apart tmobile!!

  31. M.D.

    We all need a free moths phone service for the problems we are suffering nation wide .Why because we are not getting the value we bargined for.

  32. latinoartielange

    i had a friend that was beginning to see this girl and she almost broke up with him because he never got any of his texts or phone calls. man she was pissed then when the service comes back she realizes that he has t-mobile and she calms down lol. ALL T-MOBILE CONTRACT SHOULD BECOME VOIDED and give t-mobile user the option to opt out of their contract. i mean this is unprecedented! glad im with sprint.

  33. bottomline

    To all my friends who switched to t-mobile, my sprint service is working just fine, thank u very much !

  34. M

    That’s it!!!

    I am Switching to Carrier Pigeons.

  35. to M.D.

    You are getting exactally what you bargined for!

  36. milkbone98

    Here we go, everyone wanting something for free because of a service outage. Run a business from a mobile phone? Really? No contingency plan? Missed your child’s birth? Can’t describe in words how this has affected you? Please people, get a grip. Outages happen, even the mighty Google has been down temporarily before. Demand credit, demand to be let out of your contract, whatever, just read your contract. It says that outages can happen, deal with it.

  37. Jeff

    Even my iPhone has better service than this! 😉

  38. jim

    Wow, my T-Mobile service w was out? I didn’t even know. Surfed talked texted and chatted on it all night. Not a hiccup or a sneeze.

    I think milkbone98’s post is the most rational on here. As he said, quit whining for compensation, get a grip and get on with life people. Stuff happens.

    Oh, and I guess it’s fixed now.

  39. jim

    what does sprint have to do with this article bottomline? but since you brought it up….


  40. jim

    if being better means losing money and customers then yes sprint is better than ALL carriers

  41. angela

    REGARDING**>>T-Mobile confirms it has fully restored voice and text/picture messaging services for customers affected by intermittent service disruptions on Tuesday. About five percent of our customers across various geographies were affected for much of Tuesday evening, and by late Tuesday PST their service was restored. Our sole focus has been restoring full services for all customers; we are now investigating the root cause of the incident. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused our customers.”

    As of right now at 1am on the west coast/oregon… i cannot use my phone what so ever to make/receive/text/data etc….. my boyfriend is in the same room as i am and my friends down the street also have to same ” searching” emergency calls only issue!!
    i called today and was completly dis’satisfied with the customer service i was provided, the lady offers 100 mins to me when i still have 1000 left till the 7th and then a ten dollar credit??? ummm i don’t feel that is appropriate customer service for this issue…. i am cancelling and going to verizon!!!!

  42. robertrael

    Sprint is still the #3 carrier, just ahead of Tmobile Usa. Maybe after this disruption, T-Mobile will slip another notch, and lose just a few more customers than Sprint lost in the third quarter.

  43. emily

    In western Oregon, no service for a few hours.
    I agree, demanding for credit or an easy out is not what T-mobile needs right now. I’m sure they’re going crazy just trying to figure out what’s wrong, on top of having to deal with tons of unhappy costumers.
    All I want is my service back. No credit. Just a working phone.
    Good luck, T-mobile.

  44. Sandra

    Still having problems receiving calls. T-Mobile, please fix the problem.

  45. bottomline

    @ jim
    What does sprint have to do with this article ? Not much, simply pointing out the mere fact that my sprint service hasnt gone down…. If that offends u, thats too bad. Im not going to apologize that my sprint service is far superior to t-mobile service. In spite of the fact of how sprint is doing financially…..

  46. Daniel Garvin

    This is Bull Shit. I keep getting no service but I bet T-Mobile still wants there money when the bill comes due. We all should get compesated for this “service interuption”

  47. jim

    no need to get all defensive bottomline. i dont mind that you love your failure of a company sprint. as a sprint customer of 10 years i can say they have had their share of problems in the past as all carriers have had. the hundreds of thousands of customers who leave sprint every quarter is evidence of that.


  48. bottomline

    Im not offended at all jim. Feel free to continue doing business with an inferior, foreign-owned company, it doesnt bother me in the least. By the way, theres no need to post your little articles regarding sprints’ misfortunes. Im well aware of whats going on and I would much rather stick with a struggling american company with a superior product than with a foreign-owned(german government owns 30% of t-mobile) company with a lousy product. Have a nice day……….

  49. bottomline

    I’ve been involved in the wireless industry since the early 90’s and I’ve seen many things happen since then. And you r right jim, every wireless company has had its shares of ups & downs. However, I have had the pleasure of having service with every national wireless provider in the country, and its my humble opinion that t-mobile has the worst service of them all. They have the least coverage(thats a fact) nationally & their service is pretty bad(as far as the larger metropolitan areas). I had atleast twice as many dropped calls with t-mobile than with any other carrier. And thats including regional carriers metropcs & cricket. But listen, dont take my word for it, just read 95% of the responses on this thread. They’ll tell u how great t-mobile is…… Enjoy !

  50. jim

    bottomline: thank you for suggesting i do business with an “inferior” foreign company but i am quite happy with my sprint service for now. what difference does it make who owns tmobile or sprint? what country was your phone or computer made in? you must be doing as well as sprint or very bitter to bring that up. but then i still cant figure out what the purpose of your initial post was other than to troll as it provided nothing constructive to the thread at all. the article states the outage only affected a small percentage of people. sprint has had their share of quirks along with a mountain of other problems too. if youd like i can post links of people complaining about dropped calls and spotty service for EVERY carrier including your beloved struggling american company that is not dependent on foreign devices or services. sprint usually ranks at the bottom of all consumer reports. dont take my word for it see how many people left sprint last quarter. they’ll tell you how great sprint is……. enjoy!