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3 responses to “Nerds: Unity3D Providing Free iOS/Android SDK Modules Until April 8th”

  1. yosun

    Wow, get the scoop right, please.

    Only the Basic iOS Android is offered for free. It is missing a lot of quality features in Pro such as code stripping (can mean your resulting APK is bloated 2x what it could be in size).

    Unity has a layered pricing system. To get iOS Pro, that will cost you $1500. To get both iOS Pro and Android Pro, that would cost you $1500 + $1500 = $3000. To get iOS Android + PC/Mac Pro, that would cost you $1500 + $1500 + $1500 = $4500.

    That’s per seat.

    And, it’s not a SDK per se.

    The other news is that Hero Engine has a 70-30 split for indies. Cry Engine since last fall has had an indie-friendly licensing with 80-20 split, and they are soon releasing an iOS export. An iOS game made with CryEngine was demo’d at GDC.

  2. yosun

    Also, the free version is basically free advertising for Unity – it forces a Unity logo splash screen for all apps.

    Unity is the new Flash. Expect a new wave of shoddy mobile content to be made in Unity.