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4 responses to “New LTE Smartphones for StraightTalk and Net10 Coming Soon”

  1. dre

    Do you know whose network the LG Optimus Quest and Huawei Magna LTE will be using and what type processor each will have?


  2. Daniel Haffner

    @dre I suspect Sprint from what I’ve seen due to Verizon’s hesitant policies and some FCC stuff I found on the Huawei model. And of course the fact that the GS3 was released on Sprint. I’d like to know official screen sizes.

  3. Daniel Haffner

    We really need a new 4.2 inch (or larger) screen phone on Straight Talk operating on the Verizon network soon. Getting very tired of the LG L86c. I’m willing to pay a lot of money for a good phone.

  4. Mary Dinh

    4G LTE devices are available with Net10 Wireless as of today: