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13 responses to “New Motorola CLIQ Update Now Rolling Out (Updated)”

  1. Cupcake Ninja

    The update jacked up my CLIQ. The screen has LOST sensitivity!!! I am very sad about this whole thing.

  2. irate cliq user

    This update just completely screwed my cliq! The date and time are from dec 31st 1969 and the time displays 7pm. Attempted to manually change and it won’t accept it!! I try to download from the market and it fails to download… I go n check my gmail app on the cliq and it says no connection! Wtf!! It worked fine before the update….

  3. aden wilson

    Yeah the update has messed my and my good friends cliqs… we can’t txt It force closes all the time. Market updating apps is all fubar’d and my internet connection keeps messing up!

    Very very sad with this and upset with moto.. tho mistakes do happen, so ahh well.

  4. sean

    The update helped my cliq, I now have more bars every I go. It could have been a coincidence though. The screen is also more responsive. Before it would become unresponsive if I was playing a game.

  5. nathalie

    I agree I haven’t had major problems besides the fact that it forces close during text and I also did notice the touch screen is worse!!! I’m upset , anyone know if the new update will have turn by turn directions on google maps?

  6. andy m

    I also did the update the only thing that I find weird is when I select something my screen just gets brighter while I click on it. That’s pretty much all. Anyone knows if there are rumors about the cliq getting multitouch meaning we can pinch in and pinch out to zoom in.

    You guys can contact me at my google messenger (platanoman530)

  7. RayRayRyu

    Just did the update and phone is working great as far as that annoying touchscreen issue. Powering up the battery too see if they fixed that too. Thanks moto! no force closes, no network problems, nada for me so far. So that puts a smile on my face! Too bad so sad for the ones that it didnt work for xD! but they’ll get it fixed!

  8. Patrick

    Just downloaded the update and sad to say PROBLEMS!!! The touchscreen has lost sensitivity. The Cliq worked PERFECT before the update now it is hard not to want to slam the phone against the wall. I hope they fix this soon.

  9. Saberfink

    I did the up date, and everything they said they were going to fix/improve it did. The only problem is that it made my browser not work. Every time I try to use it, it just opens for a sec and then closes right after that. It reallyb pisses me off that when they fix one thing they just screw up another. If anyone hears about them fixing this update soon, plz let me know at

  10. Robin

    I have noticed since doing the update that my screen doesn’t rotate. I have reset the compass but no change. It only rotates when I slide out the keyboard. I hope they fix that in the next update.

  11. kkozy

    After the update, my phone pretty much died. The clock is messed up, turned my phone on and off a few times, which made my phone forget my motoblur account… did the master and the hard reset and because the clock is messed up, it is still not working. T-mobile is now having to send me another phone. Second time T-mobile is having to give me another Cliq. 🙁

  12. joel

    Hey I was wondering to get the cliq. Is it a good phone? Also i know as there are cons to the update, there are pros. anyone with any info plz send to, thanks!! 🙂

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