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61 responses to “New Spirit Jailbreak for iPhone 4 Being Released Soon”

  1. d Sanchez

    i cant wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ release the spirit 4.0 jailbreak already PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Leslie ferrao

    Just waiting for the new jailbreak. It’s my first expensive phone of my life. I didn’t know if u upgrade the phone gets locked. It happened to me

  3. Nader

    It’s finally here 🙂

  4. Lane

    Hey is it still called spirit because I heard it was called jailbreakme and u can do it on your Idevice is this true please tell me the new name or if it’s the same

  5. Benjamin

    Hi! Nader wat finally here? It’s new spirit jailbreak for 3GS MC 4.0

  6. Nader

    It’s and U can do it from ur device

  7. Benjamin

    Hi Nader! My iPhone is 3GS MB 3.1.3 051201 is jailbreaken oredi,so can I update to OS 4.0.1 and use this new to jailbreak again

  8. Nader

    Hey binjamin, let me tell you this… DONT do that…just dont, wait until they have a clear sure answer for that

  9. Lane

    I’ll answer that u can use it I just jailbroke my iPhone on 4.0.1 software using jailbreakme from my iphone

  10. farotechy

    Fuck, sure did’nt work for me. I got iphone not jailbroke 4.01 WTF, does not do anything , ran the jailbreakme twice! Notta 🙁 dammit

  11. Benjamin

    Thx! Nader.