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2 responses to “New T-Mobile Data Plans Now Launching on November 14th”

  1. Michael G. Parrillo

    Will the new T-Mobile Data Plans (which is launching on November 14th) incude facetime functionality ?

    1) How will Facetime work on T-Mobile ?
    2) Will I have FaceTime with other Vendors, example IPhone ?
    3) I live in New York, zip code 11710, where would go for a demo ?
    4) Will the future of T-Mobile include a multi of individuals in one session ?

    Thanks Michael G. Parrillo

  2. Christopher Price

    Michael, FaceTime is currently exclusive to iPhone and Mac. Apple has said they intend for it to be an open protocol, but they have to yet released the tools to make that happen.

    Android devices do however offer video chat through various apps, most of which should work on the T-Mobile HSPA+ network.