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One response to “New T-Mobile Programs Focused On Credit Challenged Customers To Launch On Sunday”

  1. Christopher Price

    @Ken – Older Verizon 3G/CDMA phones are locked to Verizon prepaid. But all 4G LTE phones are unlocked, even prepaid – and will work on Page Plus LTE plans.

    They will not, however, work on Page Plus’s pay as you go or $12 plans, as Page Plus does not yet offer a SIM card for those plans… they’re stuck only working with 3G/CDMA phones as a result.

    The Luge will not work on US GSM carriers – Verizon has since complied with mandates that require them not to tamper with firmware blocking it, but it appears this was not backported to the Luge as it’s just a rebadged Droid RAZR M.