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30 responses to “New Voyager Update Has Issues”

  1. mkleiman

    This report is false … bluetooth DUN works fine with the v07 update. In fact, I’m adding this comment from a tethered laptop using bluetooth DUN.

  2. Matthew Nelson

    I was told not to mess with the V05 because it was bricking a lot of phones. Do I need to get V05 before V07 and has anyone heard about these updates bricking phones?

  3. Matthew Nelson

    I was being advised by the techs at my local Verizon Wireless store. Is it possible they are doing something wrong when performing the update?

  4. Matthew Nelson

    Ok, great. Thanks for your input and I will let you know what I think of V07 after I get it.

  5. Jordan

    I updated to V05 as soon as it came out, no issues. Just got V07, also no issues… nice to be able to control which icons you want on your external touch screen….

  6. Ray

    i went in to get update v07 and in the process my phone was fried. so they simply replaced the phone, then i had the update done on the new phone. it was simple and quick

  7. Steve

    Not to sound dumb, but exactly how are you setting up the Bluetooth connection to a laptop to use the Voyager as a modem. I tried when I first got mine and could not get it to work. Also, can you use the phone in this manner with the standard service plan? I thought you had to also have a broadband service plan as well. Thanks.

  8. Michael

    what exactly does this update do to the phone? the iphones home screen is somthing like a desktop, does this update just enable you to rearange existing icons or will you be able to save applications or download new applicatoins to the voyager? and does anybody think that somtime inthe near future there will be a softwear update that makes the voyager more like the iphone?

  9. Nichole

    I tried to get the 07 update and it fried my phone and verizon had to order a new one. I was there for 1.5 hrs and they gave me a loaner chocolate.

  10. William Francis

    I don’t have any issues with the bluetooth tethering. I am tethered right now while writing this message. Did you do the DUN hack. I have been using the tethering since I got this phone. The firmware update doesn’t even reset the hack.

  11. William Francis

    I am using XP SP2. Maybe it has to do with the fact the Windows Vista Sucks.

  12. Kevin

    What does the v05 and v07 update change on the phone’s features

  13. Ceeya

    I went to the Verizon store and had them flash update my Voyager to v07. It took about 20 minutes with no problems. I pay extra for the Get It Now ($15) package which gives me data/browser on the Voyager.

    I then went home and did the DUN hack and it works fine as a link for my laptop via bluetooth, with v07.

    And, while I do like the ability to rearrange the favorites icons, there is no ability to set a web address/link as a favorite on that menu, which would be a nice option to have to jump to the browser and grab a page.

    The programming (hack) mode will however allow me to change the homepage the browser first goes to, so I can program my own HTML on the web to act as my custom homepage (optimized for the Voyager with new icons and all).

  14. Damion

    I’ve read all the accounts here about getting the v07 firmware update, but have had no luck finding anywhere to get it done. I called the local Verizon Wireless store, the VZW support line, and the LG support line. Also visited both websites. They all claim that v05 is the latest and greatest version of the firmware.

    The only place I’ve heard anything about this seems to be in forums – there appears to be no official endorsement of the v07 update. Is it an unofficial thing, or are the corps. just blowing smoke? Any direction would be much appreciated.

  15. Mary


    The 07 update is available. I got my Voyager at the end of Feb and I only had my it for a few days when I started to notice different problems with the touch screen and things just not working properly in general. I then searched online and found out that the 07 is the latest and greatest version. I took it up to the store, and within 30 minutes had my phone back and it worked much better than before. Seems that the fruitcakes that you’ve gotten ahold of don’t know whats really out there and available for your phone. Sad as that sounds.

    Now I have a problem to share. I’ve followed the hack for the Voyager to tether it as a Phone As a Modem, and it has problems. I’ve followed the hack a few times and tried it a few different times and I keep getting a message that it wont connect or my password is in valid for my account. I swear it’s the same since I’ve gone back through and double checked and redone it a few times to see if I just can’t type.

    Mind you I’m trying to tether via the USB Data Cable. That could be part of my problem since my laptop is pretty out-dated, and doesn’t have Bluetooth availability.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  16. D.J.

    Ok, well how about this.. I’ve done a search for the current ‘firmware’ or lg voyager ‘software’ and have found nothing to include this site.. Anyone have any help with this?

    Someone asked a few posts back about going from 5 to 7. Does 7 include everything 5 has and more or should one go from 5 then to 7 (After finding it of course!)


  17. tarzan

    I have version v05 and bluetooth version 1.2. If i get the v07 update will it change my blue tooth version to 2.0 because on this site for some reason it says that the blue tooth version of this phone is 2.0? Also if i’m gonna get the new blue tooth version, how is it going to affect the speed of the internet on my laptop when I use my phone as a modem.

  18. Stephen

    the thing is the phone you have is brand new. the one they replace it with is probably a refurbished piece of crap that someone brought in because it was messed up. believe me i know ive had 12 phones in 3 years

  19. Rob

    i called vzw they said they havnt had a upgrade since jan 08 vx10kv07 is the lastedt

  20. scott

    Heres one for ya, i’ve had a voyager since April 26th. No problems worked fine. All of a sudden June 11, it start to reboot itself. If I put it in “Stand Alone” mode, it doesn’t do this. But once I take it out of Stand Alone mode, as soon as it send vmail or txt message notification the phone just reboots. At that point, if I try to make a call the keyboard locks up after the phone connects, I get about 10 secs of talk time and it reboots again.

    Been to the store, went through 6 phones in their inventory all did the same thing with my account. Another user use one of the same phone on their account and no problems.

    I have spent over 6 hours on the phone with Verizon Support and I am firmly convinced the people do not know anything at all. Nobody has a solution to this.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

  21. JC

    Rob, you stated “vzw they said they havnt had a upgrade since jan 08 vx10kv07, I believe you do have the latest. vx10k probably stands for the phone model and “v07” is probably for Version 07. I could be wrong, but i just got this phone and i have that same version, which i think is version 7, since i can change the icons.

  22. reem

    how do i connect my vx10000 titanium to a pc to receice the internet ..step by step please i am running vista

  23. ALF

    Uhm… I have a 1st gen voyager and am still using version 01… I was told that since i haven’t had any problems with my phone that I didn’t need to update it. my new ever two is up come January and I’m considering getting a Versa… should I just keep version 01 on my almost 2 yr old phone?